Sunderland v Morecambe: making up for Brighton and guessing the score

Jake's welcome to the Shrimps

With a spot of luck, Sunderland fans will put aside any lingering embarrassment over Saturday’s postponement and see class prevail over Morecambe tonight to get a run started in the Capital One Cup.

This is, of course, the league cup, the same one from which we departed without a whimper – indeed without a true striker in the starting line-up – at Brighton and Hove Albion last season.

It is exactly the sort of competition that provides Sunderland with the chance of a little glory while we strive to finish as high as possible in the Premier in the knowledge we are realistically, for now at least, locked out of the top three or four places.

The same goes for the FA Cup and last season’s decent run was highly promising until our damp squib of a performance against an impressive Everton in the 5th round replay at the SoL.

Martin O’Neill has provided quality and even excitement in his transfer dealings. One of the sportswriters, Luke Edwards from the Telegraph, speculated on Twitter today that he would sign two more before deadline, one outright and the other on loan.

Check out the Morecambe view: top interview with a prominent Shrimps supporter.

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The belated activity has given supporters a great buzz and this should be reflected in the crowd size tonight, not the 40,000+ Reading would have attracted but respectably into the 20s or even a little higher.

I’d forgotten Guess the Score but have a go, if you wish, in the Comments below in the time remaining before kickoff. The rules provide for a single match with extra times and penalties. If you think it will go to a shoot-out, just give the score at the end of extra time plus the name of the winning side. A Martin O’Neill mug, modified in the event of a Morecambe winer, awaits the poster of the first correct prediction.

Jake downplays the prize value ... ...

Sixer’s Sevens will be resume normal service, and there should be a Martin’s Musings (the manager’s post-match e-mail), but neither Pete Sixsmith’s seven-word summing-up nor MON’s thoughts on the outcome will necessarily appear until very late or even tomorrow morning, when there should also be Sixer’s full appraisal.

Ha’way the Lads.

Monsieur Salut, by Matt

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  1. sunderland 5 morcambe 0

    with the reading game being called off, i think the lads will be hungry.. so im expecting a big win tonight.

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