Predictions League. Sunderland, Liverpool, Everton, Newcastle, Norwich, Hammers – how will they fare?

Jake assesses the quality of our panel
Stephen Goldsmith writes: I received an e-mail from Luke apologising for his no entry into the predictions last week. He informed me he was on holiday and I’m beginning to wonder if it’s the Bermuda Triangle where he is donning his union jack shorts this year. He is yet to reply to my e-mails this week but has until kick off tomorrow to get involved. He will probably still outscore me in his absence anyway.

It’s our first home league game of the campaign and there’s sure to be emotions running high within the away following. I remember, as a twelve year old, the respect shown by the Sunderland faithful when West Ham came to Roker Park for a Division One clash (it was the newly formed Division One but was, in reality, Division Two) immediately after the death of the great Bobby Moore in 1993. I expect more exemplary behaviour and an equal display of respect to be shown tomorrow; this considering that the treatment of the –perceived- lower class Liverpool fans can strike a chord with us North Easterners. This is an area that stands proud in both its working class roots and of its football teams. Respect would be given in abundance tomorrow had the game been either here, at Newcastle or at Middlesbrough.

We predict the outcome of this game, Newcastle’s (as always) and just for the hell of it, Norwich v West Ham. Pete Sixsmith’s deep analysis of that particular fixture is awe inspiring.

Sunderland v Liverpool

Malcolm: 3-0. The new boys come good – shame I can’t be there. Hard to tell what if any effect the events of the past week will have on the Reds. I hope our fans show solidarity with the Scousers before kick off then get behind our team once the whistle blows. And MON is too professional to allow the players to concentrate on anything but the task in hand.
Robert: Both teams could use a win, however Liverpool are probably the slightly more desperate side. I see our new attacking unit still struggling to come together after the international break which will lead to a 1-1 draw.
Colin: Heart, always dodgy when we play Liverpool, rules head. Just enough quality and heart to make this winnable. 2-1.

The rest: Jeremy 2-1. John Mac 2-1. Bill: 2-0. Goldy 1-1. Sixer 2-0. Jake 2-1.

Everton v Newcastle

John Mac: Too much pressure from an attack-minded EFC team which goes forward in numbers. 2-1.
Bill: 2-1. Disappointing result for the Mags against Villa- and a significant one. With a forward-line and defence badly in need of fleshing out (a slew of injuries left them without much cover), their season is about to unravel. Come the January window, it’ll be too late. Getting into Europe has done them no favours.
Jake: 2-1. I’m officially transferring the honour of Everton being our bogey team over to that of the barcode’s.

The rest: Malcolm 2-0. Jeremy 2-1. Robert 2-1. Goldy 2-0. Colin: 2-0. Sixer 4-0.

Norwich v West Ham

Sixer: Potentially a game of unspeakable dullness. (Gotta love that enthusiastic insight- Goldy) 0-0.
Robert: The Hammers looked much improved last time out but they’ll be without new signing Andy Carroll for this one. I suspect neither side will be able to separate themselves too much from the other and see this one playing out to a 1-1 draw.
Goldy: Norwich were good at home last season and I think they’ll be adequate at Carrow Road again this time around. They won’t be quite the same force, however, and I expect them to really be knocking on relegation’s door this year. They should win this one though. 2-1.

The rest: Malcolm 1-1. Jeremy 1-2. John Mac 1-1. Bill 1-1. Colin 2-0. Jake 2-1.

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  1. Hope you didn’t cheer when the snivveling litttle Uruguyan cheat equalised Steve! I’m having a pointless week end unless Everton can beat the skunks.

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