Salut’s Week: Hillsborough reflections, the McClean tweet and preparing for Liverpool

Jake captures the theme

Much space at Salut! Sunderland has been devoted this week to articles that I am proud to have published on this site but wish had never been written. Naturally, I refer to the impassioned, decent and – yes – angry pieces written by individual Sunderland supporters with voices worth hearing on the Hillsborough disaster and this week’s shamefully late official exoneration of the Liverpool fans who were cynically blamed for its occurrence.

Jeremy Robson,
Mick Goulding and John McCormick each had a different reason for committing his thoughts to screen. One (Mick) was there, another (John) has lived his adult life in Liverpool and the third (Jeremy) will never forget the impact news of the tragedy had on him – uo to and including worries for the safety of Mick, a close friend – as it reched him at another game.

The format of this weekly review has developed into that of a collective signpost. No individual links but to read any or all of those items, just go the home page – – and, having bookmarked it for future use, click to read whatever you see that seems to deserve further attention.

There is more, of course.

* a SAFC v Liverpool Guess the Score competition

* debate – as if it were really necessary – on the James McClean tweet

* a tribute to David Meyler on his Irish international debut

* a lively Liverpool “Who are You?”

Below, you will also see a link to my own articles at the Sunderland pages of the club-by-club blogs section of the ESPN Soccernet site. Why not also wander over there and, if anything I have had to say pleases or appals you, have your say?

Ha’way Lads versus Liverpool.

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