Salut! Predictions: Sunderland, Hammers, Newcastle, Norwich, Liverpool, United. How will they fare?

Jake assesses the quality of our panel

Stephen Goldsmith writes: I was really tempted to pick some obscure and irrelevant fixture in addition to the lads at West Ham and Newcastle at home to a Michael Turner inspired Norwich this weekend.

But as Sky Sports salivate in anticipation of a handshake and a possible lack of respect displayed from a segment of mindless fans, I felt it was only fair to offer the Liverpool v Man Utd game to our enthusiastic panellists. I think if we’re all honest, it’s a game that is of monumental proportions in this day and age and it’s always one to look forward to.

Without further ado, the predictions are:

West Ham v Sunderland

Sixer: Big Sam is out-thought by the tactical genius known as Martin O’Neill – although Jedward have a better grasp of tactics than the gum chewing former Sunderland centre half. 1-2.
Colin:As I have written at ESPN, it won’t be 8-0 to them as in 1968 but beyond that I am unsure so will allow loyalty to dictate. 1-2.
Bill: This should be the three-point game we need. The Cats are gelling and, we must hope, building full match-fitness. The Hammers have a perfect home record so far but I think this flatters them. 0-2.

The Rest: Jeremy:2-1. Goldy: 0-1. Robert 1-3. Jake 1-1. Malcolm 1-2. John Mac 1-1.

Newcastle v Norwich City

Jeremy: 1-2. Former boss gets a warm reception at the Temple of Darkness on his return. Canaries battle hard against their hosts and emerge victorious in 3 goal thriller, taking all 3 points back to East Anglia.
Jake: Can’t see Norwich getting anything from The Sports Direct Arena, and on top of Ba stealing three points from me at Everton last week with that late goal, I’ll probably get nowt here either. My guess, for what it’s worth is 2-0.
Malcolm: I’ll let the head rule this time. I’m afraid that Magpies are bigger and stronger than Canaries who won’t be singing when the final whistle blows. 3-0.

The Rest: Sixer 3-0. Colin 3-1. Bill 3-1. Robert 2-1. Goldy 2-0. John Mac 2-1.

Liverpool v Man Utd

Robert: Liverpool are coming off what they will see as a disappointing draw with Sunderland. United are coming off a resounding win against Wigan. Naturally I’m going to pick Liverpool to get their first win of the season. I think they’ll finally put an entire performance together and get a sneaky 2-1 win.
Goldy: These games are always bouncing and I can’t wait for it. Man Utd to lead for the most part but Liverpool to claim a point much to the delight of an emotional Anfield. 1-1.
John Mac:A home win after a defensive error and a dead ball into the box. 2-1.

The Rest:Sixer 1-3. Colin 1-2. Bill 2-4. Jeremy 0-3. Jake 0-3 Malcolm 1-2.

9 thoughts on “Salut! Predictions: Sunderland, Hammers, Newcastle, Norwich, Liverpool, United. How will they fare?”

  1. The chicken would be used in recognition of that stupid chicken dance he does in celebration of a goal. I get angry even looking at him.

  2. 1-0 woulda been 3 points for moi as well as the lads. Kevin fu**in Nolan. I would love to insert a chicken in an uncomfortable area of his anatomy.

  3. unrelated to this post, but as an lfc fan i just want to thank sunderland and their fans for the tributes last weekend. as a survivor of hillsborough i cant express how much the support from fellow fans and clubs means. thank you and all the best for the season.

    • Thanks kop col. As I have said elsewhere the outcome of the review was no surprise to fans of any club who was watching football back in the 80s. We all knew the reality.

  4. Would have been an idea to get a couple of rival fansites involved in our little league. Somebody else for me to be below.

    If enthusiasm doesn’t dip before next season, it could be an idea.

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