Ha’way the lasses. And not for the first time

Photo courtesy of the Sunderland Women's Football Club*

As one whose younger daughter is a far better player than her dad ever was, Monsieur Salut enthusiastically welcomes the announcement from the London and Southern England branch of the Sunderland AFC Supporters’ Association that it has joined the list of sponsors of the Sunderland Women’s football team.

The foregoing paragraph establishes that this is a posting to be avoided by those who cling to “traditional” (sexist?) notions of a woman’s place not being on the football field. There are good female goalkeepers.

Salut! Sunderland‘s unwavering editorial policy – ie dissidents face Stalinesque purges – is to declare Sunderland WFC to be brilliant and the women’s football authorities that keep them out of the Super League utterly shameful.

Over to the branch, of which M Salut is a proud member. Its view is articulated by Ian Todd, whose insistence on being designated co-founder may well diminish the true extent of his role in the branch’s formation, development and even, at times, survival.

The sponsorship offers us publicity opportunities as well as adding our name to their ongoing campaign to be accepted into the Women’s Super League.

But we hope of course that Branch members will support the team whenever they are playing in the South and the first opportunity for this is next Sunday, 7th October, when they play Watford Ladies. The game will be played at Berkhamsted FC, whose ground is virtually next to the rail station. There are frequent London Midland trains from Euston, a 35 minute journey. Kick-off is scheduled for 1.00 p.m.

Ian also points out that the lasses have a 100 per cent record this season and have scored 20 League and four League Cup goals, more or less guaranteeing “attacking football and entertainment”. There may have been one or two “unlike the men” asides in there that I unaccountably missed.

Image courtesy of Sunderland Women's Football Club*

But I loved this, a rare instruction for football fans to behave as, well, football fans: ‘If attending, please wear colours, scarves or other identifiable Sunderland clothing.’

There’s a sensible reason for that – the club wants to take photos showing away support – but I love it anyway.

Ha’way the Lasses at Watford, Berkhamsted and wherever else they play.

* Visit the Sunderland Women’s Football Club site: http://www.sunderlandwfc.co.uk/swfc_002.htm

Monsieur Salut, by Matt

5 thoughts on “Ha’way the lasses. And not for the first time”

  1. When I lived in the East Midlands I got a rather strange look when I once came out with “Ah ha’way man woman man!”

  2. Overheard at a ladies game.

    “Ha’way the lads” (silence) “Up the lasses”.

    I’ll get my coat!!

  3. Berkhamsted is the birthplace of Graham Greene, so maybe we will get to the heart of the matter soon.
    It’s also the town where Ed Reardon is now domiciled; two literary giants in the same small town – spooky or what.
    I have walked past the police station where Ed does his identity parades; a moment to savour.

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