Salut! Predictions League: Sunderland and Chelsea win, Newcastle and Reading draw

Jake assesses the quality of our panel

Stephen Goldsmith writes: Apologies for my rather botched attempt of the predictions last Saturday. Everybody must have been sick to their back teeth of my requests for their predictions; believe me, I wasn’t enjoying it either.

Add to that
my computer deciding it was less competent at creating and editing Salut! posts then it was last week, and I was ready to take my fists to some machinery or other (akin to that scene from Office Space where that bloke punches his photo copier to pieces). After spending the rest of the day sulking, I have kind of made my peace with modern technology.

That said, I cant blame it for me stating that the Arsenal v Chelsea game was “finally poised” rather than “finely poised”. I received a first in my dissertation that was focussed around children using phonetic spelling¬†–¬†and it being acceptable as a learning curve. Is there a legitimate excuse for me in there somewhere? Thought not.

Anyhoo, there’s a clear gap emerging now with Malcolm and John pulling away from the rest of us mere mortals. Us extra rubbish lot at the bottom must have an eye on Robert who appears to be sinking like a stone at present. Every single one of us gained a point from the Sunderland game without anybody getting the exact scoreline correct. Jeremy remains the only person yet to get an exact score right this season. I have no doubt he’ll get numerous sooner rather than later and force me to the foot of the table once more.

The table:

Correct Results Correct Scores Points
Malcolm Dawson 9 4 17
John McCormick 9 3 15
Bill Taylor 7 2 11
Sixer 7 2 11
Jake 8 1 10
Robert Simmons 6 2 10
Colin Randall 6 1 8
Goldy 6 1 8
Jeremy Robson 6 0 6

6 thoughts on “Salut! Predictions League: Sunderland and Chelsea win, Newcastle and Reading draw”

    • Good spot, Phil.I have corrected it. Goldy – come and sit at the front of the class where I can keep an eye on you.

    • Shocking Phil, I agree. I could use the phonetic spelling excuse again. Strange how that would never have happened at GCSE level (something Pete’s mate Mr. Asquith could confirm) but when the degree stuff goes into the brain, carelessness prevails with the basics.

      • And anyway, I’m gettin tortured enough on this feature due to my (lack of) success without being reminded of orthological floors. Sorry, flaws.

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