Sixer’s Sevens: SAFC 1 Newcastle United 1. Demba Ba makes our point

In the end we had Calamity Williamson to thank, his cynical block on Saha giving Larsson the chance to send over the cross from which that deadly O’Shea/Ba combination paid off. Sunderland did not, truthfully, play well enough to win even after Tiote rightly saw red for his reckless, unnecessary and career-threatening studs-up lunge at Steven Fletcher. Second-half possession made the equaliser about right, and we’d have taken James McClean’s late strike going in instead of just wide. But Pete Sixsmith‘s seven-word verdict below is spot-on and Monsieur Salut was left wondering whether he’d have been better off watching his daughter Nathalie score a hat-trick as Old Actonians Ladies hammered Maidstone 6-1 …

Oct 21 2012 SAFC (0) 1 Newcastle United (1) 1 Got out of jail. Just about deserved

Oct 6 2012 Manchester City (1) 3 SAFC (0) 0 Never gave up but City simply better.

Sept 29 2012 SAFC (0) 1 Wigan Athletic (0) 0 Scrappy performance but a win’s a win

Sept 25 2012 Capital One Cup 3rd Round: MK Dons (0) 0 SAFC (0) 2 Second goal settles nerves for comfortable win

Sept 22 2012 West Ham United (0) 1 SAFC (1) 1 Need to be more positive when ahead

Sept 15 2012 SAFC (1) Liverpool (0) 1 More than happy to take a point

Sept 1 2012 Swansea City (1) 2 SAFC (2) 2 *Lack of ambition against 10 cost points

Aug 28 2012 Capital One Cup Round 2: SAFC (1) 2 Morecambe (0) 0 Shrimps potted as we stroll to victory

Aug 18 2012 Arsenal (0) 0 SAFC (0) 0 Gritty, determined and a well earned point

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12 thoughts on “Sixer’s Sevens: SAFC 1 Newcastle United 1. Demba Ba makes our point”

  1. That’s a very valid point Malcolm. There have been occasions when the pitch is watered right up to kick off then again at half time. I don’t understand the need for this.

  2. Nobody seems to have noticed either on here on on the blackcats list that Rose gave the ball away cutting the midfield adrift which led to the goal.

    • See my comment under Martin’s Musings.

      I think that the watering of the pitch which caused McClean to slip was a contributory factor rather than any mistake from Rose. Against Wigan, Rose made a short pass to Colback who slipped and almost let them in to score. That wasn’t the best pass from the fullback but whoever decides to water the pitch up until kick off needs to explain just how it helps the team.

  3. It was another disappointing performance in which we got what we probably deserved but were second best for much of the time, even against 10 men

    Too many players went missing again which has sadly become the norm for this season. MacLean , Sess and Johnson would have been as well in the house.

    A radical overhaul of our team is in the urgent category.

  4. Hopefully, the huge difference made when Vaughan came on and suddenly we had a midfielder looking to pass forward as his FIRST option was not lost on MON. Larson and Colback, both of whom I really like, cannot play together in central midfield. But for the sending off, we would have been stuffed today as we were beaten in midfield even they had a man down.
    Only 2 of Larson, McLean and Johnson can play. Larson cannot be picked just for set plays (although there is a strong argument that one of the others should be left out), particularly as his set plays were pretty poor today. Both he and Colback look for the simple, sideways pass as a first choice, rather than last. You can get away with one player doing that but not both the central players.
    A quick word for Danny Rose who, after an interesting week, was again excellent. Completely disagree with Jeremy on that point, though not on much else

  5. I should also add Malcolm that Rose makes mistakes which would annoy me if the U11s I’m coaching this afternoon were to commit in a game. U21 International? No wonder he made no impact at Spurs.

    • Have to disagree on that point though JR. Admittedly Rose made a couple of errors today but overall I thought he put in a great shift. He worked hard and pushed forward well – more effectively after AJ swapped over to the left.

      I saw him for the first time live in red and white against Wigan and he seemed much more assured today than he did then. I haven’t watched the game on TV yet, though I have it on hard drive but from my seat he looks as if he has the potential to become a valuable member of the team.

    • Have to say Jeremy that Rose impressed me with his speed and threat going forward. He was implicated in the goal though. … apart from that he was quite impressive.

  6. Two wingers (or three even if you include Larsson!) and no crosses from behind the full back.

    Awful performance yet again in a derby. So poor that I couldn’t even get worked up with the equalising goal.

    It worries me that MON was happy enough with how it was going to delay changing things around. Saha could have been introduced at HT. Agree with the comments above. McClean has shot his bolt in my opinion and time he was left out. Sess was dire yet again. The changes he made did have an impact but it was too little and too late.

    MON has now had close to a year in charge and we see a record of 1 win in 15 games now. Against 10 men in a derby at home and we don’t force a save from their keeper in 45 minutes. It was nearly HT before we even got a corner. It’s nowhere near good enough and the subdued interview with the manager shows that he realises this. If it was anyone else other than MON, then there would be increasing pressure on the manager and the first real rumblings of unrest from the fans. O’Neill is dining on reputation and not results at the moment. I don’t think that the fans patience will last for much longer unless there’s a dramatic improvement in the way that we approach games. There were a few on display today who need to be left out next week.

  7. Whats missing from our team is the creative spark that can unlock a defence. AJ and Sess are not firing on all cylinders. Our defence is OK, and Fletcher is capable of converting chances but our midfield is a bit lacking.
    We also need to get players into the box more.
    Thought the Tiote card was sightly fortunate for us. Had he not gone off then we may have lost to be honest.

    For me, I would change it around a bit. When the Bard comes back, move Gardner into midfield (he can score a few goals), AJ on the left. Larrson on the right. McClean on the bench, coming off the bench when Larsson or AJ get tired second half.
    Something needs to happen. We’re just not creating.

  8. Time for MON to look at the tactics of the team, we’re too fixed in our play and, consequently, too easy to defend against; the 2 banks of 4 can only work if your wide men actually go past people and stretch the pitch. This season McClean and Johnson have contributed absolutely nothing, and until they do we’ll struggle as a team, or until the formation changes.
    Johnson needs to be given the freedom to come inside and roam about looking for space, while McClean needs to spend some time on the bench. 4-3-3 with Johnson and Sess alongside Fletcher (being replaced by Larsson/McClean/Saha when required) and a midfield 3 from Gardner/Colback/Cattermole/Vaughan. It might just work and we may actually create some chances in a game. Desperately disappointed with today’s performance, thought a draw was a fair result with neither keeper being in a great deal of action.

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