Sunderland v Newcastle: a big enough game, so guess the score returns

Jake cannot believe prizes are back

Another in the occasional series, and it is open to supporters of both sides – and of neither – to enter.

Guess the correct score in Sunday’s Wear-Tyne derby – posting your prediction before kickoff time – and if you are the first to get it right, Salut! Sunderland will send you a Martin O’Neill mug, the design suitably amended if a Newcastle supporter wins.

Do not worry if your comment is held for moderation as Monsieur Salut begins a long journey through France. He will know when you attempted to post it. His decision will be final.

Meanwhile, go to the home page and navigate with ease to catch up on the derby build-up so far.

And go to our pages at the ESPN site – to read the latest posting, which begins like this:

To a certain kind of football supporter, notably one whose team has not won a major trophy in decades, living in the past is not an option but a necessity. For followers of Sunderland, the need is acute. As derby day approaches, most could probably tell you the joint biggest away win in the English top flight was their team’s 9-1 victory at St James’ Park. But that was in 1908 and the year tells its own story, just as my little boast that Sunderland have been English champions six times overlooks the inconvenience that half the titles came in the century before last.

… and ends by wondering whether one sure cure for stress might be to make all Wear-Tyne derby games end in draws. Though I’d prefer this eqch time …

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23 thoughts on “Sunderland v Newcastle: a big enough game, so guess the score returns”

  1. I still stand by my comments even though M Salut may not appreciate the postal costs of the latest addition to my collection of mugs!

  2. With 79 minutes gone my fears seem to be being realised.

    Surely, we need to release Gardner into midfield and replace him (at right back) with Bardsley – even if semi fit?

    That would have been my first change because, with only 10 men it would have been logical.

    NOW – UPDATE!!

    The score is 1-1 BUT my feelings remained unchanged and I WISH to be shown as someone who does not know what he is talking about!!

  3. 27 minutes gone and we are displaying all of the lack of quality that worried most of us.

    1) No shape (the mags have been a LOT better).

    2 NO, sensible link between defence/midfield & attack.

    Again they have been better!

    Given that they are down to 10 men then I/we can, only, hope for better!

    I won’t, though, hold my breath!

    As things stand we have NO attacking threat!!

  4. Sunderland 2-1.
    But we’ve got to tighten up midfield and not let Tiote and Ben Afra/Cabaye dictate play.
    And, we must get AJ and Sess into the game more.
    If we do these things, then Fletch will get serviced and we’ll get the goals.

    • “If we do these things, then Fletch will get serviced”.

      Interesting choice of words!

      If you mean during the game then I think Northumbria’s finest may have something to say about that, although the crowd may appreciate it!!

  5. The Mags are winning 3-2 at the moment on account of they had 3 players caught up in a riot midweek and we only had 2.
    Would be nice to win 4-1 with Danny Rose getting the last one.

  6. I would concur, wholeheartedly, with this part of your comment:

    “Good luck after this game for the rest of the season, its always better when we are both challenging for the top”

    Albeit, through gritted teeth!

    I just hope that it’s a good game, supporters of both sides behave themselves and we thrash you 5-0!

    • OOOOPS!

      I should, obviously, have said “apart from April the 13th” (or whenever Northumbria Police/Sky allow the return fixture to be played).

  7. Its Derby Week, and my enemies awaken, but I have to admit this website draws me back from time to time.. as you have guessed I am a Geordie.. Black and Whiter.. Skunk… or whatever loving term you wish to label me with.. 1 of my 2 favorite weekends of the year have arrived.. I will go for the predictable 1-1 but hoping for a 0-5 whipping I always dream about the night before.. Good luck after this game for the rest of the season, its always better when we are both challenging for the top.. otherwise I only have Liverpool and Spurs to look for, and thats never that fun..


    • Phil wins again. High powered negotiations will now begin with the mug suppliers after letters dropped off the text on the last one he won.

  8. The red and white zebra will, stealthily and cunningly, sneak up on the black and white zebra, and after a glass of wine or two, some seductive music in subdued light and a few softly whispered sweet nothings will give the b&w zebra the shag of its life!! 3:2 to the lads!!

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