Fulham v Sunderland: see the Thames, guess the score, win a prize

Buy One, Win One, says Jake

The run has to end somewhere. Could it be at Craven Cottage? This is where you tell me the answer to my question. The prize won’t change your life but it could make a slight difference to your coffee-drinking routine.

Most people probably put our chances of beating Fulham on Sunday at negligible. But look how close Sunderland got to snatching victory at Everton, another match in which the script said home banker.

So have courage in your own convictions.

Our Fulham “Who are You?” interviewee, Philip Mison, expects a routine home win. Monsieur Salut will toddle along to the Cottage with the Sixer, fortified by decent ale in Parsons Green, hoping for the best, fearing the worst.

Post your score prediction below.

The first correct answer, which must of course arrive before kickoff, wins the prize.

To be modified if an Fulham supporter wins

And that’s that. Except that it gets worse. To offset the cost of making things interesting even to this extent, the rule is buy one and get one free. So for £9.50, you get two mugs, suitably modified if you happen to be a Fulham supporter who gets it right.

If someone comes forward to sponsor the competition, or M Salut comes up with a better way, the prize format will change. In the meantime, don’t forget you can also enter just for fun. Plan B, last week’s winner, chose the option of buying one to get a second free. They should be with him now or within a day or so.

Jake sticks to basics

And Ha’way the Lads at the Cottage.

Monsieur Salut, by Matt

18 thoughts on “Fulham v Sunderland: see the Thames, guess the score, win a prize”

  1. On the basis that I normally get the score totally wrong, I am going for Fulham 2 – Sunderland 0.

    Reverse logic should shortly be all the rage and on the (regretful) off chance that I am right, and that reverse logic is totally bollocks, the said two mugs will be handy stocking fillers for the upcoming festivities.

    • At the bargain price of, only, £9.50 – £14.00, depending upon your location.

      Asda, eat your heart out with your 2 for 1 offers!

  2. I’ve already said 1-1 on the thread that doesn’t yet exist on Salut.

    Norman Stanley to score for us and a point to come away with.

    Even the most optimistic are deluding themselves if they think we can win. A prediction of a draw is deranged enough but three goals in a single game Salut. Please refrain from the Absinthe before you post.

  3. Fulham 1 – Sunderland 2
    My team
    Bardsley (if fit) or Gardner , O Shea, Cuellar, Colback
    Johnson, Vaughn, Cattermole, Rose
    Sess, Fletch

  4. I feel a win coming on … would’ve gone for 1-2 Sunderland win … so I’ll have to go 1-3 …. ha’way!!!!!!!

    • Joan and M Salut both saw SAFc scoring three. Joan ‘s half glass full 1-3 in place of my 2-3 makes her the winner. I spoke to Joan after the game while walkjng away from Craven Cottage and am delighted to say that, for the second week running, the winner is going for the buy one/win one option.

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