Salut! Predictions League: Villa defeat Sunderland – but Jeremy is happy!

Stephen Goldsmith writes: Saturday’s game was the must win game of all must win games, so in true Sunderland fashion, we did nothing of the sort.


What it did guarantee, however, was Jeremy’s first correct score of the season. Him and Sixer become the big movers in the table after bagging four points apiece. John Mac was around five seconds away from making ground on Malcolm only for Arsenal to score ridiculously late and push him down into third instead.

Jake assesses the quality of our panel

Colin, unbelievably, failed to predict Man Utd would win that particular fixture – a game where the rest of us picked up a (seemingly) easy point. Let’s not laugh at the gaffer propping up the table though. Maybe we should have a debate on his negative tactics?

Here’s the table:


  Correct Scores Correct Results Points
Malcolm Dawson 14 5 24
Sixer 11 4 19
John McCormick 12 3 18
Goldy 13 1 15
Jake 13 1 15
Bill Taylor 10 2 14
Jeremy Robson 12 1 14
Robert Simmons 8 2 12
Colin Randall 9 1 11


12 thoughts on “Salut! Predictions League: Villa defeat Sunderland – but Jeremy is happy!”

  1. Well, Salut. I can hardly be happy following the prediction of a home defeat. I should point out that in my email to Goldy I did also predict that the goalscorer would be Agbonlahor (or possibly Bent). Given that Agbonlahor had not scored in the league since last November I think that maybe a trip to Ladbrokes should have been made (virtualy at least) after I sent the email. Off the bottom of the table thanks to Archangel Gabriel though. This one illustrates the point that even a broken clock gets to be right twice a day 🙂

    • And don’t forget your prediction, as disloyal as it was accurate, also won Guess the Score. But you have to buy one mug to get the prize of a second. Any more bad results and I may get the designers to put the handle inside

  2. I have now edited the grammatically grotesque ‘Jeremy’s happy’ and amended the apostrophe usage to the standard that should be understood and employed by the average twelve year old.

    If I were to use that sentence in a bulletin when I write them for a local radio station, I would type it as i originally did there. This would be to make sure the bulletin was easy to read and so that it sounds like conversational language when read out on air.

    I can confirm that I am literate, but am not prepared to respond to allegations that I was educated at Sandhill View School.

    • R but bi the sayum lodgik shudent wee rite evry think fone-et-ik- allie? If troo then I must of waysted mi tyme as a prymarry skule teecher. Woteva happend 2 ITA (the inishul teeching alfabet)

      Insid ent alley, u haf 2 yous a kapital letta eye wen torking abowt yorself.

      • But correct orthological patterns are easier to read. In speech you would say ‘Jeremy is happy’ as ‘Jeremy’s happy’ so that’s how you write it. Blame the Senior Broadcast Journalists who train me.

        Also, it’s always nice to have an excuse!

      • In print I should have thought either is acceptable but I would listen to your tutors. I have seen some really stupid things read out unthinkingly by people reading auto cues.

        But the person who really makes me laugh is Lynsey Hipgrave off the Danny Baker Saturday morning show on 5 Live. She could do with having her script written phonetically – like politicians who have to make a speech in a foreign language.

        In the past few weeks she has called Samuel Pepys – Samuel Peppies”, prounced Arkansas as R Kansas and referred to the Jimi Hendrix classic as Voodoo Chilly.

        Mind you she is a Mag.

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