Salut! Podcast: Man Utd preview and craic with ex-player Darren Williams

Stephen Goldsmith writes: We have a former Black Cat, Darren Williams, discusssing Sunderland with us and ESPN sports writer and editor Dom Raynor. Get on it here:

And while or after you listen, catch up with Salut! Sunderland’s latest contribution to Dom’s pages at ESPN. This is the link: and here is an extract …

Connor Wickham’s confidence – already, we can assume, in better shape than Graham’s – will be high after a man-of-the-match display in England Under 21s’ 4-0 victory over Austria. He has scored in cup games, on loan to Sheffield Wednesday and in his junior internationals though not in his few moments of Premier action this season.

I would play 4-5-1 with Wickham starting and bursting to impress, keeping Graham on the bench for later if needed. But I am not the manager and have no idea whether O’Neill’s more expert eye will see things differently.

Jake fancies a Wickham hat trick
Jake fancies a Wickham hat trick
And in the meantime, as we wait for Sunderland to raise their game and send United away pointless (we’re entitled to dream), take a look at this week’s splendid ‘Who are You?’, a great set of answers from our volunteer Man Utd supporter, Dom Raynor, to the traditional Salut! Sunderland questions:

The link is here:


Q: Many Sunderland supporters laughed at the notion that MUFC might somehow need the incentive of Poznan-induced anger to make sure of beating us. You must regard the return fixture as so obviously an away win that SAFC should save us all a lot of trouble and fax the points vero (joke (c) Jeremy Robson).

A: At the time, being ridiculed concurrently with losing the title it was not something that sat well with me. But now the moment is not so raw I look on it as clever and non-abusive riposte to United, rubbing their nose in the fact that they failed to win the Premier League title despite beating Sunderland 1-0.

If opposing fans doing the Poznan is chief among your worries then you don’t have much to worry about.

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  1. Some of the best content we’ve had on so far. Darren and Dom were excellent. Shame that those Gremlins decided to pop up again though!

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