Sunderland v Manchester United: wise babies say guess the score

Who couldn't my dad be a Man Utd supporter?
Same colour so why couldn’t my dad be a Man Utd supporter?

Guess the score in Sunderland v Manchester United and you could win a life-changing prize or, if we’re clean out of stock, a mug …

Xuana does not know it
– she was only one this week – but her dad is hoping against better judgement for big things this weekend from the reason for that scarf.

Tucked up in Spain, the little mite has still to learn the magical life experience that is the lot of the Sunderland supporter. Or just learn the ChildLine number so that she can report the matter to the appropriate people.

The proud father is, of course, our graphics artist Jake and Xuana first appeared on these pages soon after birth. Whether she likes it or not, she has been born a Mackemoiselle, albeit with an equal share of Spanish blood flowing through her veins.

Her guess for Saturday’s score is not yet recorded. You can start posting yours now in the Comments section below.

Feel free to let heart rule head, taking encouragement from Connor Wickham’s man-of-the-match performance on junior England international duty, or be as pessimistic as you feel merited and predict a stuffing for the Lads.

The choice is yours, and that includes stray Man Utd fans or neutrals. The winner – ie the reader who is first to post the correct score before kickoff – will join the small queue of people waiting for mugs. The delay is caused by a need to change the design of the one we previously gave away or, very occasionally, sold …


A saviour in the making?
A saviour in the making?

The rules are as cooked up by Monsieur Salut, whose decision is final. If your prediction is “held for moderation”, don’t worry. The time you tried to post it will count as the time of entry.

Jake fancies a Wickham hat trick
Jake fancies a Wickham hat trick
And in the meantime, as we wait for Sunderland to raise their game and send United away pointless (we’re entitled to dream), take a look at this week’s splendid ‘Who are You?’, a great set of answers from our volunteer Man Utd supporter, Dom Raynor, to the traditional Salut! Sunderland questions:

The link is here:


Q: Many Sunderland supporters laughed at the notion that MUFC might somehow need the incentive of Poznan-induced anger to make sure of beating us. You must regard the return fixture as so obviously an away win that SAFC should save us all a lot of trouble and fax the points vero (joke (c) Jeremy Robson).

A: At the time, being ridiculed concurrently with losing the title it was not something that sat well with me. But now the moment is not so raw I look on it as clever and non-abusive riposte to United, rubbing their nose in the fact that they failed to win the Premier League title despite beating Sunderland 1-0.

If opposing fans doing the Poznan is chief among your worries then you don’t have much to worry about.

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Monsieur Salut, by Matt
Monsieur Salut, by Matt

19 thoughts on “Sunderland v Manchester United: wise babies say guess the score”

      • Let’s hope the new manager is not a mug otherwise his mug will not be on the mug very long. Enough of this drivel, I’ll get my coat.

  1. Phil,
    You should get the mug…….if it were not for Mignolet’s great save at the death…yours would have been spot on.

  2. In order to, possibly, gain something that may help to offset my, anticipated, misery I will forecast SAFC 0 Man Utd 2.

  3. 0-3

    To be totally depressing, we’ll do well to get 2 points out of the next 15. I think we’re in trouble.

  4. SAFC 8 – 0 MAN U

    AJ scores hat trick and turns supplier for all the other goals as well as deputising for an injured Mig and saving two penalty’s with his teeth……meanwhile back in the real world we get nowt!

    • I like your scoreline. David, but it cannot win a mug because someone else already has it. Sixer

  5. Sometimes, but not often football does things that confounds the anguished supported.So I am going for a flukey 1-0 home with Connor Whickam scoring to kick off a very successful premeirship career with SAFC.

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