Paolo’s Pow-Wow: Newcastle Utd 0 SAFC 3 – ‘my perfect warriors’

PDC captures the points. Jake captures the man
PDC captures the points. Jake captures the man

Not for nearly half a century has there been precisely this scoreline from St James’ Park though we remember or know about the later 4-1 variation. That was Gary Rowell’s game. This was Stephane Sessegnon’s. It was a truly outstanding performance in a team display that had many very good ones. Paolo Di Canio can bound up and down the technical area as much as he wishes when celebrating events such as these. This is his verdict on a mighty and mightily important win …

Dear Colin,

I’m very happy for everybody at this club.

It’s great for the fans to be able to celebrate such a win – I’m very proud of my players, they gave everything. They were fantastic – just perfect – they were warriors.

I didn’t do anything other than give out my instructions from the dugout.

I don’t have time to celebrate now as this is just one step, there are more steps needed right up until the end of the season.

I have to maintain focus and be fully prepared for the next game.

There were three fantastic goals. Adam Johnson took his very well and he caused problems today as did Stephane Sessegnon.

We know they are capable of that and they showed what they can do today with their goals.

Life can get better, says Jake, but only just ...
Life can get better, says Jake, but only just …

Newcastle were very good in the opening 20 minutes; we played far too deep but we got the better of them and ultimately deserved to win 3-0.

It’s a special day for the fans. They were louder than Newcastle fans today and they have made me very proud.

I know this game will go down in history – but it will be even more important if we build on this and climb up the table.

We remained very disciplined throughout the game and absorbed pressure from Newcastle.

There were some moments where they could have scored but we did very well to not let that happen.

My players were warriors today; they deserved to win 3-0. It’s a perfect result.

All the best

Paolo Di Canio

Monsieur Salut, by Matt
Monsieur Salut, by Matt
See what Monsieur Salut made of it at ESPN:


A magnificent team performance … Newcastle have been a better side all season. At virtually no stage of this one game did Sunderland seem other than head and shoulders above them.

And I am especially delighted to be able to focus on the positives of a display that could well be crucial in preserving Premier League status rather than on Howard Webb’s string of serious first-half lapses that stopped the game being pretty much decided by half time.

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10 thoughts on “Paolo’s Pow-Wow: Newcastle Utd 0 SAFC 3 – ‘my perfect warriors’”

  1. It is early days but after going through numerous false dawns in the fifty plus years I have supported Sunderland, this one feels different. I’m not 100% why but just feels different. A huge dark and stormy cloud has been lifted and a warm and spectacular new day seems to be rising, I just hope this is true

    • I am hearing that Keith! Not easy to stop yourself getting carried away but I do feel the most positive I have in a long time.

  2. Are the Mags on their way down then lads? It’s funny that they seem to think that we are/were in trouble and that they are 2 wins away from the Champions League. Two defeats away from the Championship, the way I look at it. Get down!

    • I don’t think Newcastle will go down. Its a very tight table at the bottom. I reckon Stoke are struggling. They are not an in-form team at all.
      Its too tight to call. I think we will -just- scrape in. If you’re asking me to put money on it, I’d like to think the bottom three will be QPR, Reading, Wigan

  3. I must get a Whaoo off my chest..
    There thats better. Its been kept inside for a while now, but now its out.

  4. Someone (can’t remember who) implied that PDC’s email, after the Chelsea game, was written by whoever wrote MO’Ns.

    This, I think, should prove that things are, seemingly, changing!

  5. Well done to Sunderland you deserved your victory today. This result hurts however shame on you Toon yobs for showing no class in defeat.

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