Paolo’s Pow-Wow: PDC on a mighty win vs Everton. ‘I’m very emotional’

PDC captures the points. Jake captures the man
PDC captures the points. Jake captures the man

Let the man who has inspired us to two successive, mighty wins speak for himself. PDC’s post-match e-mail …

Dear Colin,

It was an incredible atmosphere – it will go down as one of the best moments in my sporting life.

I’m very emotional – it was great to have the chance to celebrate together once again.

The fans can be very proud of the players today.

They were very disciplined and dedicated and used every last drop of energy out there on the field. I can’t ask any more of them; they showed great desire throughout.

We know what [Stephane] Sessegnon can do with the ball; it was another great goal from him. The whole team were very organised and Sess played a great role in the team’s shape. He did a very good job today.

There were some moments I didn’t enjoy, when Everton won the ball too easily, but we are working hard to stop these things and working hard to perfect ourselves.

Yes, there was pressure from Everton but that’s typical in the Barclays Premier League, you have to expect that from teams.

We have to keep going, the main job is not done yet but this result is a very big step in getting it done.

There are four games to go. Next it is a trip Aston Villa and we have to go and get the best result we can – three points if it’s possible, one point if not.

Today is bigger than last week, maybe not the same feeling or emotion, but in terms of the result – it’s a very important step forward.

All the best

Paolo Di Canio

Monsieur Salut, by Matt
Monsieur Salut, by Matt
See what Monsieur Salut made of it at ESPN:


Sunderland 1 Everton 0. For all of David Moyes’s pantomime gestures in the Everton technical area, bemoaning this or that real or bogus grievance, the scoreline was not undeserved.

Second half possession was emphatically in Everton’s favour, but this is the sort of statistic that matters somewhat less than what is actually done with greater possession.

Whether Moyes likes it or not, whether or not he is still furious that Mignolet was shown a yellow card and not sent off for the backpass incident, and whatever he felt about an imagined foul by Danny Rose on Nikica Jelavic (it was, in fact, the other way round), Sunderland did better with the ball.

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23 thoughts on “Paolo’s Pow-Wow: PDC on a mighty win vs Everton. ‘I’m very emotional’”

  1. Di Canio has highly praised Danny Graham for his effort and commitment, yet many of the faithful seem unconvinced, he doesn’t seem like a typical Sunderland player, a bit like Tom Ritchie, he came to us from Bristol City but was never really appreciated by the fans, I remember him scoring a hat trick and still he wasn’t accepted. I hope this doesn’t happen to Graham

    • It is odd that Graham seems unable to score,or even get into many scoring positions,but his presence is not stopping the team performing or scoring.He plays as a team member rather than as the out and out selfish striker,a bit like Emile Heskey used to.He is making space for our one man goal machine Sessignon.
      Without wanting to sound ridiculous,Barcelona play with no acknowledged centre forward and it works.I am not saying we are at that level at all,but if its not broke we don’t need to fix it.

  2. On a slightly diffrent note, see that Suarez is at it again, biting opponents, how far are Liverpool prepared to sink to with him?

    To be fair Rogers has come out and said no player is bigger than the club…….if it had still been Dalgleish he would be insisting on it simply being down to cultural diffrences as cannibalism is still acceptable in Uruguay!

  3. Can’t believe anyone is talking about dropping Colback for anyone after his performance yesterday. There is no doubt that Leighton Baines was the 3rd best English left back on display. I actually thought it was really close between our 2 full backs as to who played better. Rose better going forward but could have given away 2 penalties near the end. Colback absolutely immaculate defensively against what is widely acknowledged to be the best pairing on a wing. MOTD unbelievably looked like they actually watched our game and showed how Colback made Baines and Pienaar looked ineffective.
    Also, shows how ingrained people are in there views. Larsson has been really poor in centre mid, but the last 2 games he has been excellent.

  4. I recall we were all on a high when MON first came so I am trying to keep my feet on the ground, but PDC is making it very difficult.

    Yesterday was a very memorable game,probably in my top 5……what a week…… followed by perfect sunshine,beating a bogey team and stepping closer to safety.
    Yesterday was a bit special,just to be part of 41000 very happy Sunderland fans an energized new manager and a rejuvinated team in perfect unison.

    What a welcome home for PDC,it was emotional for me too.

  5. Much has been said, many gallons of water have flown under the bridge, was it a master stroke by Ellis Short? It is early days but it feels comfortable and the right fit. Make no mistake we were relegated under MON there was no escape, but this man is different. He was at the club 14 hours a day, Keane didn’t work 14 hours a week he was in Chesire until Wednesday. He spends 5 hours a day on the traing field O’Neil & Bruce combined didn’t spend that a week. Ellis Short has given a hungary man a taste of cake and he likes it. Upward and forward! !!!!!!!!!

    • I agree with PDC’s passion being much more than MON for example, but he’s talking now about a 7-day a work week. I’m all for players earning their wages but to come in every day is pushing it. Everybody needs a day off.
      I just hope the players don’t get too exasperated by PDC’s regime.

      Look, to be honest I would do this job for £100 a week if I was good enough, but I’d need one day to switch off.
      PDC can’t expect everybody to be like him. Passion is great. Obsession can be tough to handle for those around you.

      At the moment I like what I see. Who knows if a character like PDC can keep the dressing room long term.

  6. Love how PDC has a sly dig at the mags- this was a bigger result than last week! In other words Everton are a way bigger team than the mags. Nice! Intelligent and subtle. Quite the opposite of Pardew’s petty playground style comments about us this week.

  7. Crikey Moses lads we beat both our bogey teams and you are tlking about dropping our vest players N;Daiye Larsson Graham – and also Colback who was excellent yesterday

    What i like about PDC is he gets carried away for 5 minutes after the match – then its back to reality – get ready for the next match ho here’s what we did wrong – put it right next week – love his mentality

    • I said if anything. Larsson frustrates no end sometimes but i’ll ignore the failure to play AJ in and the back pass and get off his back. As you say, can’t really complain.

  8. N’Diaye and Rose were the outstanding performers. Graham is excellent of the ball, pulls defenders all over the place and I think it’s a joy to watch. He’ll get better when he’s fitter. Would be Gardner in for Larsson for me, if anything.

  9. Not sure I agree that N’Daiye was the best player on the pitch but there was a vest improvement in his game and work rate, it looks like he has been told what to do and gets on with it, his first touch can be poor and at times looks as if he couldn’t trap a bag of cement, but he can tackle and gives his all. PDC seems to have the rule not to change a winning team and he probably won’t but if Bardsley remains a doubt I would play Gardner at RT BK other than that leave it to the man.

  10. It’s true,Graham never looks like he will score,he lacks that killer instinct and sharpness in front of goal,but he’s doing a job,he is making runs and gives Sess more room to score He hasn’t had much game time lately and we all know that you get fitter by playing regular and not sat on the bench.As for Whickham,he plays one game and always seems to pick up an injury,we need a centre forward who will play week in week out.I would give Graham till the end of season,then see where he is?I was wondering when PDC was at Swindon,what team set up did he play there.

    • I agree, if you start Gardner which I think is likely then the one that may lose out is McClean which is what happened at Chelsea. McClean had his best game in a long while at Everton, actually went past players and is starting to regain that confidence he lost this year. He can count himself unlucky if he is left out..

      Wickham looked good against Chelsea, first choice for me when Fletcher is out, I think we’ll see the best of him soon!

  11. Good post Ian.

    “However, for me, Graham never looks like scoring. I would want to play Wickham as soon as he was fit.”

    We are back to the same argument that we were having last week. Not sure why Graham looked as tired as he did, other than the simple explanation that he just isn’t fit.

    I agree totally with your assessment. He tries hard and he doesn’t hide, but he wouldn’t be dangerous with ricin.

  12. I watched it live over here in North Carolina, and the 2nd half was nail biting for me. I got this bad feeling like we would drop back into the old habit of dropping too deep, and Everton had a heck of a lot of possession and looked like equalising. However, a lot of effort and a little luck and we held on.

    Larsson did well (except for a mad back pass), and everyone put a shift in, especially the first half.
    Graham looked tired again towards the end and a line forward position is a tough job. However, for me, Graham never looks like scoring. I would want to play Wickham as soon as he was fit. Wickham looks more dangerous than Graham for me, and more fit too.

    This win was absolutely priceless. Only one thing that irritated me … Warren Barton. He was one of the commentators and after the match he just kept moaning on about PDC not shaking Moye’s hand at the end. Put a sock in it Warren. PDC’s reaction at the end was to celebrate, hug his players, salute the fans. He just forgot about Moyes probably.
    Rose was immense. Mingolet good as ever. Sess always a threat. Cuellar and O SHea did well. Mccelan didn’t do too well going forward but battled for everything. Those were the eye-catching players for me.

    Anyway, next game I’d like to see Gardner back in MF in place of NDaiye and Wickham in for Graham.

  13. “There were some moments I didn’t enjoy, when Everton won the ball too easily, but we are working hard to stop these things and working hard to perfect ourselves.” So looks like PDiC still ain’t happy and the players can expect more severe arse-kickings. Long may it continue!

  14. These last couple of weeks have been very special. We’ve got Paolo Di Canio and the Loan Shark Lackies have got Mr Pardieu. What else is there to say?

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