SAFC v Everton: no Cahill, no Webb to fall for an ‘Osman’. Guess the Score

Jake: the nearly overlooked detail
Jake: the nearly overlooked detail

Tim Cahill been shunted off to New York.
Howard Webb is demoted to pub league football, or whatever is deemed his punishment for stopping Sunderland being four-up at half time against Newcastle, and no other referee in the world will surely, ever again, fall for the Leon Osman penalty trick.

That still leaves the small matter of how we actually win when playing Everton.

Over to the Salut! Sunderland jury, members of which may be supporters of either side or neither, to have a stab at the right score in SAFC v Everton, PDC’s home venue as head coach.

Be the first to get it right before kickoff and a prize will be heading your way. It will be £1m or a Salut! mug, depending on the site’s revenue between now and Saturday.

So be a mug. Guess the score …

Martin Fricker as a young Evertonian
Martin Fricker as a young Evertonian

* And see the Everton ‘Who are You?’:

Monsieur Salut, by Matt
Monsieur Salut, by Matt

See also: M Salut previews the match a ESPN:


My forecasting skills are zero, so no predicted scoreline I offered would carry much authority. I would simply say that if PDC can keep the players’ spirits high as they approach kickoff, and consolidate the post-Martin O’Neill belief that defending does not always need to be done so deep that attacks become laboured and rare, Sunderland could take one more important step towards safety.

21 thoughts on “SAFC v Everton: no Cahill, no Webb to fall for an ‘Osman’. Guess the Score”

  1. Jonathan Ross says the three “Ws” will be relegated. Wigan, Weading and Wangers. I’ll get my coat.

  2. S’land 1 Everton 0

    Graham scores. He stumbles in the box, the ball ricochetes off his knee, hits the post and rebounds in off the calf of Leighton Baines.

  3. What’s all this nonsense I’m reading about hoodoos? We beat them 2-1 on this day in 1895 for god’s sake! Clinched the league title with that result too.

  4. This is going to be a half typically Sunderland follow up to the derby 0-0. I was going to go for 1-1 but Martin W beat me to it.

    • Congrats Terry, I was (optimistically) expecting more – but you were 100% right.

      Enjoy drinking from your mug – whatever the design!

      Congrats again!

      • Mug?

        I’m going for the complete MSalut dinner service. I’m on a roll.


        3 points and squeaky bum time is err… drifting away.

    • Hey. That’s two now, Terry. Salut faithfully promises to catch up of mugs and (Phil’s) book this week

  5. Would also be delighted with a point.
    On the subject of Howard Webb, I haven’t heard a report of the sacking of the member of the MOTD2 team who decided to do a piece saying how good he had been last week, but I am sure it must have happened. If ever a decision showed that nobody at the BBC actually watches the games involving the ‘minor’ teams (i.e. not the top 4 or Liverpool), that was it. Everyone who actually saw the game knew that he and his ‘crew’ had been utterly abysmal, for both teams.

  6. Sunderland 2 – 0 Everton, Paulo continues the good work and SAFC take another step towards PL safety, and put to bed the Everton hoodoo!

  7. I’ll be ultra optimistic and show that the men in white coats are still on standby.

    SAFC 3 Everton 0

  8. Moyes will have he time to study the video of the derby match so will know what to expect. So I am going for a Desmond….2-2.

  9. This is a hard one – as the actress said to the Bishop. I am going for a narrow 2-1 win for us with Graham breaking his duck and Larsson knacking up another expensive managerial suit.

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