Guess the Score as SAFC/Southampton, Wigan, Newcastle, Norwich, Aston Villa, Stoke, Fulham fight drop

Jake previews the last home game
Jake previews the last home game

Only one relegation spot left
yet any of eight teams could fill it.

The scenarios are not endless but they are certainly plentiful. With Wigan engaged in the FA Cup final this weekend, the agony may go on to the last day.

From Sunderland’s point of view, there is blinding simplicity: beat Southampton and we stay up unless there are crazy scorelines in the remaining games (eg us losing 4-0 at Spurs while Wigan beat Arsenal 2-0 and Villa 6-0, all other results going against us). By all means correct my mental arithmetic but it’s in that league.

The rational outcome – with apologies to Bernard Ramsdale, our Wigan-supporting friend – is clear. Many Sunderland hearts long for Wigan to pull clear at Newcastle’s expense. None of the others can be sure.

We should not be in this predicament. Martin O’Neill, Steve Bruce, Roy Keane and others bear some responsibility. PDC, with two wins and a draw from five, is blameless. The players? Don’t get me started.

But however depleted we find ourselves for the final two games – self-inflicted, of course, in the cases of Sess and Gardner – we are still able to field a clutch of internationals on Sunday. It is a game in which, at the very minimum, we should be able to avoid defeat.

You tell us how it will go. The usual rules: be the first before kickoff to post the correct scoreline and you win a prize when I get round to sending one. A non-Sunderland winner will receive an appropriately modified design in the prize happens to be a Salut! Sunderland mug (we make it all up as we go along).

Ha’way the Lads …

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And by way of public service, here are the remaining games for the clubs still liable to be relegated:

Sunderland: 38 points, goals scored 40, goal difference -12. So’ton (h), Tottenham (a)

Wigan: 35 points, goals scored 44, goal difference -23. Arsenal (a), Villa (h)

Newcastle: 38 points, goals scored 43, goal difference -23. QPR (a), Arsenal (h)

Aston Villa: 40 points, goals scored 44, goal difference -21. Chelsea (h), Wigan (a)

Norwich: points 38, goals scored 34, goal difference -22. WBA (h), Man City (a)

Stoke: points 41, goals scored 32, goal difference -10. Spurs (h), Southampton 9a)

Southampton: 39 points, goals scored 47, goal difference -11. Sunderland (a), Stoke (h)\

Fulham: 40 points, goals scored 46, goal difference -11. Liverpool (h), Swansea (a)

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Monsieur Salut, by Matt
Monsieur Salut, by Matt

11 thoughts on “Guess the Score as SAFC/Southampton, Wigan, Newcastle, Norwich, Aston Villa, Stoke, Fulham fight drop”

  1. I think a draw too, 1-1.
    We’ve just not got an array of attacking threat. I think our passion and energy will close S’hampton down.
    If See OR Fletch were playing, I’d go for 2-1, or 1-0, but they’re not.

    If I were a Newcastle fan, I’d be a little jumpy right now though. They MUST go to QPR and get something. Arsenal only managed one goal. If Newcastle lose, then Wigan might well beat Aston Villa on the last day. In fact I think they will.

    The only disaster scenario for us is that Wigan go to the Emirates and get a point or three. That would unsettle a lot of teams. Thankfully after running 90mins at Wembley v Man City and then being run ragged by a champions league place chasing Arsenal, they will probably lose because their defence is poor.
    Here’s hoping.

  2. sunderland to win 3-1, coming from behind, as usual, gardener finally getting just reward for his endevour of past few weeks, will get our first and last, with johno the middle one!

    • Gardner endeavor? He missed the Newcastle match and the Everton and last week he came back v Stoke and got red carded. He’ll miss the rest of the season.

  3. I think all the teams on 38 points will draw, Sunderland and Soton will draw 1-1

    Then after losing in the FA Cup final Wigan will lose to Arsenal and go down. Which means all the other teams mentioned will go into the last game of the season without a care in the world….

    Oh and Martinez will go to Swansea when Laudrup goes to Everton! Can I get an accumulator?

  4. “It is a game in which, at the very minimum, we should be able to avoid defeat.”

    How many times this season, against relegation candidates, have we thought this?

    I’ve watched the high game Soton now play. Carthorses like Lambert and Bothroyd score goals. Lalana and Schneiderlin are good. Shaw, at left back, is the next one off their tremendous production line of young talent.

    They’re as unpredictable as us though. Beat Man City and Liverpool. Lose at home to QPR, us and WBA.

    I think the odds are on an away point at least for them, so I’m going for 2-1 to us.

    SAFC 2 -1 Soton

  5. Sorry. Comments had closed themselves off again! I’d go for 4-3 to Sunderland but it doesn’t count as an entry so go for it if you agree

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