Salut Podcast! Di Canio talks Wigan & we discuss Stoke and Southampton

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As my fifty odd quid half time pint found its way down my neck on Monday night, I struggled to break the sombre mood as discussions of Yeovil possibly gracing the stadium for a league match took place. We tried to laugh it off, writes Stephen Goldsmith, but the most commonly used phrase was along the lines of “this isn’t good”.

It wasn’t good. At least Martin O’Neill was graced with a few months of the players playing above plateau levels before their crapness returned. Not that the gaffer was blameless; McClean on the right and Colback on the left? You can see the logic but they were still questionable decisions. Credit where it’s due on him changing things, once Craig Gardner opted for that atrocious challenge to be his intended crowd pleaser. Despite their apparent weaknesses away from home, there are fewer sides than Stoke you would expect to hold a 1-0 lead against ten men. Credit to the players and staff for grabbing what may just be a season saving point.

On this week’s podcast Gareth Barker and I:

  • Discuss that Stoke game and just how good Adam Johnson was second half. And how good we, the crowd, were. 
  • Are joined by Simon Walsh from Roker Report, who gives us his thoughts on the phone.
  • Are also joined by Ben Stanfield on the phone, giving us a view from the Southampton end. Ben contributes for TEAMtalk and has his own blog The South Coast Brazil, which I rather inconveniently forget the name of as I do my intro at the start.
  • Hear how Paolo Di Canio lets’s me know, in no uncertain terms, how he feels about us having to rely on other sides like Wigan. Great sound bites.

I would like to thank Sun FM as always for the audio as I was working on behalf for them, as always, in the pre-match press conference. Due to Roker Report collaborating with the podcast, an almighty amount of new subscribers have crashed the RSS feed. We realise most of the listeners listen through iTunes so ask for patience in putting this right. For now though, it can be accessed here:


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  1. Whats happening these days with Wickham? If there’s a time when we need him, its now.

    Also, I’d recall Elmo from Hull and have him play, and there’s Ji too. Although these two might not add a whole lot to our effectiveness. Having said that, I might like to try Elmo in place of Mcclean.

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