SAFC v Stoke City ‘Guess the Score’: anyone saying 1-6 is disqualified

Jake: Sessless but otherwise as ready as we can be ...
Jake: Sessless but otherwise as ready as we can be …

We’d all hoped
the mini-revival sparked by Paolo di Canio’s arrival would turn the Stoke game on Monday night into a much more relaxed occasion that seemed likely just before he arrived as head coach.

Villa Park, and a couple of good results for Stoke, changed all that.

Instead of coasting towards safety, Sunderland are still looking nervously at the reverse race for third bottom – and Stoke, on 40 points, probably feel they are just about secure.

If you think that makes for a nervy Monday evening, you think right. We’re back to PDC’s post-Chelsea comment that Sunderland were left with six cup finals. Six points from the first three; three or more needed for the three than remain.

So have a go at guessing the score. I will come up with a prize on the usual conditions: it won’t change your life and it may not even be something you specially want. A mug, maybe, the design modified if you’re a Stoke fan and are first to get the scoreline right before kickoff; a copy of Lance Hardy’s excellent book on the May 5 1973 FA Cup Final book …


… which, if you don’t trust yourself to win Guess the Score, you can buy at knockdown Amazon prices via the Salut! Sunderland link:

Ha’way the Lads …

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Monsieur Salut, by Matt
Monsieur Salut, by Matt

14 thoughts on “SAFC v Stoke City ‘Guess the Score’: anyone saying 1-6 is disqualified”

  1. Although it means you go above us I stand by my prediction that you will beat Stoke. To be truthful I really want you to humiliate them and screw up their GD.
    Ignore Nevin and do what I do, just keep telling Newcasttle fans they are too good to go down ( LOL )

  2. On MOTD2 Pat Nevin predicted we’d go down. Didn’t say why….could it be because he was sitting next to the missing link…..looking more like a silverback with every passing year. Half expected Attenbrough to discuss this unique mating ritual where the lesser spotted Nevin seeks affirmation from homo erectus…….3-2 to the Lads

  3. I was going to go for 1-0 but Eric beat me to it so will have to put my optimism into reverse and plump for 0-0.

  4. A very nervy 1-0 victory. I’ve been having a go at the BBC Predictor and have us either staying up on goal difference or finishing 11th. Either Canaries or Magpies going down.

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