Salut! Sunderland Podcast goes live!

Jake's an avid listener from Spain
Jake’s an avid listener from Spain

Wise Men Say – The Salut! Sunderland Podcast – Live!

Stephen (Goldsmith) and I thoroughly enjoy making the podcast, writes Gareth Barker. It’s a great outlet for recent Sunderland-based frustrations, of which there have been many. Let’s hope things are turning the corner with the revolution under way at the football club …

The idea of a live podcast is something we discussed in the early days. I say early, five months ago to be more precise.

We feel with this revolution, we have the perfect opportunity to chance our arm and give it a go. If it goes well, then we might do more. If it doesn’t then we’ll retreat to the well-placed bar within the venue and drown our sorrows.

On the face of it, the set up is the same. Two guests will join Stephen and myself as usual.

We are delighted to say that the former Sunderland forward Martin Smith will be joining “the panel” along with the Northern Echo journalist Richard Mason. If you’ve listened to the pod before, I’m sure you know that Richard has contributed well on a number of occasions. Martin’s sole performance so far was an absolute stormer too. I’d expect no different on this coming occasion either, no pressure lads!

The first half of the event will essentially be the podcast as usual, we’ll have the agenda with discussion points. However, on this occasion you’ll have the opportunity to get involved in that discussion.

The second half will be similar. The difference being you’ll get the opportunity to set the agenda. During the evening you’ll be able to submit your own desired points of discussion, which we’ll use as the basis for the rest of the live podcast. There might even be time for Martin to answer a few questions at the end too.

We’re trying to do something a little different. It’s not your usual pie and peas with a comedian type after dinner effort. This is a chance for a small group of Sunderland fans to get together and talk football, in a pub. Doesn’t sound so bad, right?

Tickets are available here:

They cost £2.50. Simply purchase the ticket, print it out from your email and bring it on the night – Thursday August 22, 2013.

It will take place in the function suite at The Isis on Silksworth Row in Sunderland.

Tickets are relatively limited, so it should be nice and intimate.

We’ll be recording the podcast and if all goes well then it’ll be available from the usual places. So if you can’t make it, you can still hear it.

Thanks for your support up to now and we’ll look forward to seeing you there!

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* We’ve decided that all proceeds from the live podcast will be donated to Richard Mason’s charity efforts. He’s doing a lot of running for the benefit of the Finlay Cooper Fund and the Alzheimer’s Society this year.

All of our podcast guests do it for free, which is incredibly kind of them. Richard has contributed on more than one occasion, so it makes sense to give something back. It’s all for great causes, too.

You can access Richard’s Just Giving page here:

And you can follow his progress at


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  1. It’s not your usual pie and peas effort but will people be able to get pie and peas if they come along? As John Lennon once remarked we should give peas a chance! I’ll get me coat.

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