Salut! Sunderland Podcast: a look at the summer signings so far

Jake hails a new round of podcasts
Jake hails a new round of podcasts

Well it felt good to get back in the studio. Paolo’s (or Di Fanti’s) transfer activity dictated the need for a pre-season podcast, writes Stephen Goldsmith.

Join the hundreds already tuning in …

Every time Gareth an I go for a “production meeting” we end up in the pub discussing all sorts and everything, whether it be podcast related or not. It certainly beats some of the work meetings I’ve had over the years. What we did manage to decide was that at least one pre-season podcast was to be aired and that we’d go try get a specific journalist we had in mind to share his knowledge of the new players with us. Not only did he agree within minutes, he was as good as anyone has been thus far, if not better. Since EVERY guest we’ve had has been brilliant, it shows how highly we valued his input. I’m still waiting for one of the Salut! writers to come on. Any time.

So, that man was Kristan Heneage, a sports writer for ESPN and The New York Times amongst many others. As well as covering Sunderland and Newcastle for ESPN, Kristan is a bit of an expert when it comes to European football, South American football and football in the United States. A “lazy journalist” he certainly is not.

For anybody who wants to more about our players, this is a MUST listen.

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4 thoughts on “Salut! Sunderland Podcast: a look at the summer signings so far”

  1. Looks like Mendy and Peruzzi won’t be coming. We should withdraw our offers. Peruzzi wants more money and its not good for a player to start under that cloud. Otherwise we’d be replacing Bardsley with another person who wants £50 notes all over his face.

  2. Always enjoy the podcast and this was no different.Reminds me off the pre match craic with my maras, admittedly more informed and with no liquid refreshment taken.Looking forward to the new season with excitement and trepidation due to the struggle last season and the huge changes in the last few months.Saying that most of the heavily linked incomings seem to be taking shape as I write.Nothing on Huddlestone or Rose sadly though as yet .I do take comfort in the fact that if they do take a while to settle in then the old school are still there minus Mignolet ,Bramble and Kilgallon so we could rely on them , if they’re fitter and better organised than they were the bulk of last season of course.

    • No liquid refreshment says who???

      Just kidding, but once Gareth and I spoke over couple pints for the first time we knew we could replicate it and hoped it would sound ok. Minus the liquid refreshment and obscenities (from myself).

      Always appreciate feedback.

  3. I’m kindof excited and worried at the same time.

    Altidore looks like an interesting signng. When his name was first mooted I was not so keen as he certainly didn’t impress with Hull. But it looks like he’s matured somewhat. Very strong on the ball, decent in the air and a good touch and can score outside and inside the box. Now, banging goals in the dutch league is different to the PL, but I think he’ll do well. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him getting 12 goals next season.

    As for the others, I have to admit ignorance. I don’t know much about them. I’d like to see a 4-4-2 with Sess on the left wing wandering inside. I know some people don’t like him out there but I do, esp when he cuts inside and runs at people. Let’s say Sess leaves. I’d like to see a new signing on the left replacing Mcclean. This Mavrias looks decent.

    I just wonder if Gardner has a place in the 1st team next season, and Larsson I don’t know about either. With Cabral and NDaiye blossoming I can see why Cattermole is being offered a way out.

    I think if Mendy and Peruzzi come in, then Bardsley can leave. Although “Argentinian” full backs do not fill me with confidence (a la Angeleri).

    OK, so here’s my worst case scenario: the foreign imports don’t gel or bed down quickly enough and we find ourselves in the bottom 6 looking over our shoulders. And then we play catch up all season with a nervous home support and anxious group of players.

    Best case: Fletch and Altidore form the perfect partnership and they just can’t stop scoring.

    And finally: Wickham has to step up this season and train like a dog to get into the 1st team. Graham will probably be sold to the championship.

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