SAFC vs MK Dons Guess the Score: goals galore or banana skin?

Jake is right to be cynical
Jake is right to be cynical

It’s that time of the year again, the first fortnight of a new season when Sunderland supporters tell themselves the spirit of ’73 will be revived by the start of a new march all the way to a Wembley final.

We look at the draw for the first round in which SAFC are involved and, assuming progress, wonder who we’ll get next and at each subsequent stage before the Lads triumph in the final. Come January we are thinking similar thoughts about the FA Cup. This, we say, will be our year and not before time.

That’s the theory. Then along come Notts County or Bolton Wanderers or Middlesbrough or Brighton, or some other lowly opponent, and the dream is crushed.

Not tomorrow, I hear you say. MK Dons were beaten by us at their own place last season, even after Lee Cattermole had lived down to his reputation and been sent off, and will be beaten again at the Stadium of Light this year.

The attendance, we can safely predict, will be on the low side, despite the “small band” of MK Dons supporters based in Scotland who are said to be heading south for the game (see the MK Dons “Who are You?” interview at .

Jake expects progress for once  ..
Jake expects progress for once ..

And the team PDC puts out will not be the one that started at Southampton or starts at Palace. In keeping with this air of apathy, Salut! Sunderland offers a Guess the Score for fun.

No automatic prize for getting it right first, though Monsieur Salut is thinking of making an exception if someone correct predicts a handsome win for Sunderland. I leave it to entrants to gauge what constitutes handsome. The winner’s mug, in those circumstances, will bear a suitable design.

A supporter of MK Dons who is the first to offer a correct prediction of a thumping away win, at least as emphatic as the 4-2 they managed at QPR in the FA Cup in January, would receive a mug with suitably modified design.

M Salut will be the final judge of all such matters.

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Jake flags the new feature allowing you to have your say on topic or off
Jake flags the new feature allowing you to have your say on topic or off
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Monsieur Salut, Paris-style, by Matt
Monsieur Salut, Paris-style, by Matt

18 thoughts on “SAFC vs MK Dons Guess the Score: goals galore or banana skin?”

  1. I kindof view the carling cup as a bit of a poison chalice (as I do entry into “Europe”). I’d rather go out of the CC and save us the injuries and tiredness problems.

    However, I do hope PDC uses all his alternative squad.
    People like Ba and Moberg-Karlsson and Mavrias and Mannone etc.
    We’ve enough quality there to see of the Dons even with our B team.

    • I take the opposite view Ian. Full team out, too early in the season to be rotating. A settled team is essential especially with so many new faces trying to gel.

    • This is from Saturday’s winner. I’d probably allow a four-goal margin to qualify. Maybe Michael should be allowed to go on winning until he has enough mugs to collect to make them post free

  2. I’ll be keeping my hard earned wedge in my pocket until the team is announced. I’m tempted to do the same with the GTS competition. However, you need to get in early if you are to win the customised open top Maserati currently on offer. So…it’s a clean sheet for definite. Goals for I predict 2. Please gas up the Maserati and have it delivered by 2 Page 3 girls.

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