Sixer’s Sevens: SAFC 0 Fulham 1. A rotten start

Jake comes up with a new design
Jake comes up with a new design

This is where you will always find Pete Sixmsith‘s instant verdicts on Sunderland games. Today’s? We produced plenty of bluster, a few decent touches and virtually no serious chances. Fulham had one attempt on goal, from their first corner, and took it. Don’t worry – unless you’ve already seen the seven home games to come. Maybe we need to become away specialists. Pete, as is usually the case, came up with a seven-word judgement. In fact he came up with four: the others were ‘The revolution taking a while to start’, ‘Failure to beat Fulham hardly augurs well’ and ‘Another f****** waste of £400’. Good job the last one fell short of seven words …

Jake wishes he could have put if differently
Jake wishes he could have put if differently


August 17 2013 SAFC (0) 0 Fulham (0) 1 Ultimately little difference from previous two seasons

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Jake flags the new feature allowing you to have your say on topic or off
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9 thoughts on “Sixer’s Sevens: SAFC 0 Fulham 1. A rotten start”

  1. Yes very disappointing result,but performance was good.Altidore looks strong and his awareness and passing was spot on.AJ looked as energetic as we have seen him,Giaccharini lools far better than McClean,Cabral had a hard time in midfield but never gives up.I think Larsson was the most anonymous,maybe we should have taken him off and left Sess on but playing a bit deeper,that said, Sess was a bit off form too.He is the big question mark…….is he staying or what?If so where do we play him when Fletcher returns?

    The new RB played well enough for me and Roberge looked reasonalby comfortable…but I hope PDC tells O’ Shea to stop chipping hopeful balls into no mans land….easy stuff for Premier defenders….he needs to be looking for balls into feet.

    Not too downhearted,but we need to get a win quicky,I ‘d hate to see heads drop.

  2. Sess was invisible today and it was like playing with 10 men . For all our positive intent we never looked like scoring. Plenty of energy and never say die attitude but to many shots from outside the box, didnt deserve to lose though.

  3. I think we still need a creative MF player. Larsson is good but right wing is probably his best position.
    MF is a priority for me. LB next down the list but still would be nice.
    When Fletch gets back in a couple of weeks he’ll replace Sess. I don’t think a lot of people would be too bothered if Sess left now. Great on his day but puts in too many null performances overall.
    Altidore will do well in the PL this season I feel.

    • It’s no secret that PDC also sees midfield as an area that needs strengthening. Colback had another good game at FB and got forward well. He might see midfield as his position but he looks better and more positive as an overlapping fullback. There were a couple of mix ups between him and Giaccharini but the signs are that they could be a good pairing. The Italian looks to be the kind of player MON was hoping McClean would be and PDC (and us) were aware he never would be.

      It’ll be interesting to see how Fletcher and Altidore play together and if they can. I’m hopeful they both have the ability to switch roles within a game from target/hold up man to off the ball runners and goalscorers, interchanging as necessary.

  4. We started well. There was loads of movement off the ball. Players were interchanging positions. At times we had six players in the box. The new boys all looked better than those they replaced. Westwood distributed the ball well from the back. Cabral had more shots in this one game than Cattermole has had in his whole time at Sunderland. Loads of positives but same old feelings of frustration.

    We gave away a poor goal and despite all the pressure and goal attempts didn’t really look like we would score. Loads of promise and understandable disappointment but we’re used to that. Give it a few more games before we press the panic button.

  5. I listened to it on the radio. It sounded like we dominated it pretty much.
    We had 21(3) shots and Fulham had 4(1), and they just happened to score from their 1. Bad luck I’d say. Overall good signs.

  6. Keep the faith, You will have a rough season as we did last year but you have to stick with it. Our team of cheap unknowns with no premier league experience although by no means the finished article didn’t do to bad at the Emirates today. Stick with the new lads, cheer them on and reap the rewards later.
    All the best AVFC

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