SAFC v Peterborough United: a non-revolutionary, post-PDC Guess the Score

Russia, 1971-style, Jake expects another along soon
Remembering Russia, 1917-style, Jake may be expecting another along soon

Whether the revolution is over or on hold, just waiting for a new leader, there’s business to be done.

Kevin Ball has passion and knowledge, commands respect and does his level best. No one could prepare players better than he’ll be doing for the third round Capital One cup game against Peterborough.

You’d want him on your side in the trenches, but he’d be an NCO, not a basic squaddie and you’d tend to do as he said. So no little player revolts, kindergarten tantrums, smuggled letters home telling of mental and physical cruelty.

Let us see whether those qualities, which may be short of what is needed for a Premier League manager (though wouldn’t it be great if they were not?), and the dismissal of the wicked headmaster and expulsion of his bullying prefects can fire the Lads into producing a proud, determined and winning performance.

Since we all need cheering up, let’s restore the modest prize. It won’t happen every game – some Guess the Scores will be just for fun, if fun is what supporting Sunderland currently means – but tonight’s winner, if there is one gets a Salut! Sunderland mug, suitably adapted if a Posh fan correctly predicts the score first.

Jake in cynical mood
Jake in cynical mood

Usual rules: be first, post your scoreline prediction before kickoff. That scoreline should be how things stand at the end of normal time plus, if then level, extra time. Ignore the possibility of a penalty shootout. Monsieur Salut’s decision will be final.

And if you want to read more about SAFC v Posh, Robert Graves, manager of the Peterborough supporters’ football team, answered the “Who are You?” questionnaire and the resulting interview appears at


Q … name the Premier top four in order. And the three for the drop


Arsenal, Man Utd, Liverpool, Chelsea. West Brom, Hull, and yeah Sunderland (sorry).

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Jake flags the new feature allowing you to have your say on topic or off
Jake flags the new feature allowing you to have your say on topic or off

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Monsieur Salut, Paris-style, by Matt
Monsieur Salut, Paris-style, by Matt

15 thoughts on “SAFC v Peterborough United: a non-revolutionary, post-PDC Guess the Score”

  1. I took my then girl friend to the 7-1 in ’67 : after that thrilling goalfest she dumped me that evening. So I’m going for an edgy, undeserved 1-0 after a dreadful game in the hope that I’ll still be married tomorrow.

  2. I’m hoping that sheer relief will inspire a win … though close. Would have gone for 2-1 but Pete beat me to it, so it’ll have to be 3-2

  3. Careful lads, this is a decent Peterborough side. Assomalonga is very sharp – I saw him play for Southend last season when he was on loan from Watford.They were desperately unlucky to go down last season.
    We should be good enough for them and the players will want to show what they are made of. 2-1 to us.

    • I think it will take a few games to get over the shell shocked effect that El Duce had on them,,,But I think they should at least play a more professional game under Bally!..3-1….2-0 at half time….

  4. We win every round 4-2 on a march to the final where we defeat a team made up of Chelsea/Man C/Spurs/Arsenal (4-2), because the League has by now realised that to expect one team to defeat the mighty juggernaut that is Bally’s Army is asking too much. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH Bally Bally!

  5. There was a lot of rubbish being spouted on local radio about spineless players not trying in recent games because they didn’t like the PDC approach. As anyone who has ever worked for a bully can tell you people in such situations go through the motions, fearing to take risks, keeping their heads down and dreading the assault that they know will come if everything is not 100% perfect.

    Apart from some lousy decisions regarding team selection and substitutions it is clear that the players were on tenterhooks the whole time.

    I actually think we have a decent squad, too good for the likes of Peterborough. Bally will talk to O’Shea, Brown, Cattermole, Larsson, Gardner, etc and pick a team to complete the job. The players, freed of the fear factor will relax and put on a show. 4-0 to us.

    • Good post Malcolm. I don’t know what the pundits [ and many fans ] expected players to do?
      When your boss is forever making disparaging comments about your ability, fitness and character, you are hardly likely to perform with enthusiasm.
      DiCanio is reputedly an intelligent man. If that’s true, I fear his intellect is not reinforced with insight into human behaviour or man management.
      As you suggest, I’m sure that our more mature and responsible players will relish the opportunity to put the past behind them, and I feel they will start tonight by beating high flying Posh.

      • Ah you win the mug then – I was going to to ask M Salut if I could have a half mug! Enjoyed the game tonight and we looked comfortable, though Peterborough had a few chances of their own.

        I know we are two leagues above them but our passing was spot on most of the time.

        Interesting that Bally started with the old guard I mention above sans the injured Wes Brown but Cuellar instead.

      • William. Congrats. What a pleasant change for the winner to be someone who predicted a SAFC win. I’ll be in touch

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