Sixer’s Sevens: SAFC 1 Liverpool 3 – Webb’s less than wonderful

Pete Sixsmith does it in seven words
Pete Sixsmith does it in seven words

Howard Webb has often had Monsieur Salut’s support when others would have lynched him. But he really does have a poor record against Sunderland, that astonishing penalty Steven Taylor conned him into awarding at St James’ Park, the non-existent foul on Leon Osman that gave Everton a penalty equaliser … Today, Sunderland’s defending was woeful for all three goals, but the first was scored off Sturridge’s arm, the second came immediately after Webb watched impassively as Toure took a great handful of O’Shea’s shirt in Liverpool’s penalty area. But no team concedes three goals as often as we do without there being a reason beyond the awful referring we’ve seen in the last two Premier home games from Webb and Martin Atkinson: such as Sunderland playing quite well, Liverpool being a somewhat better side. Pete Sixsmith will be reflecting in detail on all these matters. For now, here’s his seven-word verdict from the East Stand of the SoL …

Jake says: 'no points but room for optimism'
And Jake does it in six: ‘no points but room for optimism’

September 30 2013 SAFC (0) 1 Liverpool (2) 3 Spirit in abundance, undone by shoddy defending

September 24 2013 Capital One Cup 3rd Round: SAFC (1) 2 Peterborough United (0) 0 A solid performance without any touchline histrionics

September 21 2013 West Bromwich Albion 3 (1) SAFC 0 (0) Coach looks completely out of his depth

September 14 2013 SAFC (0) 1 Arsenal (1) 3 Performance far better than the result suggests

August 31 2013 Crystal Palace (1) 3 SAFC (0) 1

Nowhere near good enough for this league

August 27 2013 Capital One Cup 2nd Round: SAFC (0) 4 MK Dons (1) 2

Outplayed, outclassed, somehow got out of jail

August 24 2013 Southampton (0) 1 SAFC (1) 1

The point was better than the performance

August 17 2013 SAFC (0) 0 Fulham (0) 1 Ultimately little difference from previous two seasons

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Sixer at the wall
Jake captures Sixer’s wall of strength

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4 thoughts on “Sixer’s Sevens: SAFC 1 Liverpool 3 – Webb’s less than wonderful”

  1. I also fear for this club,against Liverpool the same old players,most of them are not really very good for this league,the back 4 are really poor.Gardner is not a full back,I would pick Celustka over anyone else at the club,Gardner is slow and is just not good enough,O’Shea is past his best,he cant pass the ball and is too slow.Celliuar way too slow,cant turn,,again not good enough.Colbeck is good,but hes not a full back,he is a darn good midfield player.As for the rest,Altimore is a plank,no-were near as good as Fletcher,if we go down Fletcher will be gone,thats for sure.Johnson needs to be dropped,try and get some spine in him.Larson is a good player,but he also has no spine,good sub.Giattherini is class,he looks really good and should play just behind Fletcher.Ki Sung,not really impressed with him,at times he looks lost.Who ever gets the job needs to get this lot with the same attitude as catts has….God! i’m so frustrated were this club is heading!

  2. It’s worrying that we signed 14 players over the summer and yet our brightest 90 minutes was produced by a side containing only 3 of the new arrivals with a back 4 which appeared consistently last season.

    It was contested in a way that gives us a glimmer of hope in terms of taking the game to the opposition. We don’t really look dangerous and the defending wasn’t poor. It was largely non existent. We may get points from games against sides that are less crafty than Liverpool but looking up the table there aren’t that many we will topple.

    The guy who might come out of this in a positive light may well turn out to be the departed Di Canio. Performances between now and the end of the season may vindicate not only his style but also his substance.

  3. I genuinely fear for our club. I don’t mean it’s premiership status as that is obviously coming to an end , but for its actual existence as a viable, functioning championship club next season . I just hope the books will balance and the back up plans work. Honestly what is the point of just avoiding relegation for seven years and getting absolutely nowhere ?

  4. Players gave it all they had,but are just not good enough.We’ll be chanting “we always lose 3-1” before too long.

    Diffilcult to see what any manager could have done to prevent the latest defeat.Just hope the players are not too downheartened by the time we finally get an “easy” home fixture….by which time it could all be too late to save our season.

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