Poyetry in Motion: beating Newcastle with ‘effort, tension, nerves and some enjoyment’

Jake captures the Bard, with thanks to Owen Lennox
Jake captures the Bard, with thanks to Owen Lennox

Gus Poyet does not like to be told, as he has been, that winning today was all that mattered to Sunderland. Happy as he is for the players and the fans, he wants a repeat performance and another win next weekend, at Hull. Today was a start; we need to build on it …

Dear Colin,

I’m happy for the players and happy for the fans because this week I’ve been in Sunderland going for dinner, finding a place to live and I’ve seen how much this game means [to the fans].

I spoke to some people who were saying to me win this one, next week doesn’t matter.

The way that we did it, the work that the players have put in, we gave everything and that’s what we asked from them.

When you have a player on the bench with a willingness to go in and do something special you’ve always got a chance.

Jake's one-word verdict, if word it is: 'WOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!'
Jake’s reaction is also pure poyetry: ‘WOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!’

We’ve been working on different things, I’ve been asking a few players to take responsibility and I was so pleased for every one of them.

They did the right things at the right time, it’s up to them to find the time, the space and make the right decisions in the game and they did it quite early which was incredible for us.

It was a great start, the stadium was coming down and everything was going perfect until that goal which of course made everybody feel a little bit weak.

We reacted, we changed things and the players that went on gave us something different because they are different.

We know what Lee Cattermole is and why he is so important for us and then you have a different player in Ki and it’s the same with Johnno [Adam Johnson] and Fabio Borini.

It worked today and I said before this should be the turning point in our season so let’s enjoy this time, prepare this week and try to win another game next weekend.

That was the test, the key moment, it was where we were looking at as soon as we scored plenty of people were very nervous – I was checking, I was seeing reactions, I was seeing if what we were working on and the way that we want to change things and if the players have got it.

We went into another gear, we asked the players for extra effort and they are there.

There was effort, tension, nerves and a lit bit of enjoyment as well. We couldn’t run in the last few minutes and today we were absolutely delighted so I’m very happy for the players.

I’ve seen him in training and saw he controlled the ball well and the first touch is key because the second I know the quality of Fabio.

I’m very happy for him because he was very close to playing today and sometimes the players get what they deserve and I thought it was important for him and of course for all of us for the future.

All the best,

Guy Poyet

** And here’s what Monsieur Salut made of it at ESPN: Sunderland finally in business as Borini sees of Newcastle


Monsieur Salut, in his Paris days, by Matt
Monsieur Salut, in his Paris days, by Matt
I had told myself in the first half that Sunderland were likely to be pegged back and have to do it again, and this proved the case.

To have accomplished the ‘do it again’ apart of that scenario in style adds to the huge sense of satisfaction. There were no Armani-clad kneecaps sliding along the touchline, PDC fashion, as Poyet celebrated the Borini goal with enthusiasm and relief, but no theatrics.

And even after a massive win, he is certain to be fully aware of how much Sunderland have yet do to pull clear of trouble. It scarcely helps to point out that these three points puts his team closer to safety than Manchester United currently are to the top slot they regard as theirs of right.

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3 thoughts on “Poyetry in Motion: beating Newcastle with ‘effort, tension, nerves and some enjoyment’”

  1. As part of his rehabilitation they should make him sit in a room full of stuffed cuddly toy horses with the latest Sunderland v them on and see if he loses it.

    Mr Ed, Only Fools and Horses, Black Beauty, The White Horses should all be compulsory viewing with Crazy Horses piped into his cell all evening

  2. I expect Barry Rodgerson is having a canny night in a cold dark cell.

    Do they let convicts have radios etc these days.

    2-1 it was, To us of course.

  3. Some teams are going to have to scrap for every point this season, Sunderland are one of them Man U are another, we’re in good company.
    I’m in the process of reading Paulo Di Canio’s autobiography, a brilliant piece of ghost writing, can’t wait to read Sir Alex’s ghost book.

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