SAFC vs Manchester United Guess the Score: a brand of gloryseeking

Jake in cynical mood
Jake in cynical mood

OK, it’s only Tuesday. But let’s go early
this week. The Man Utd “Who are You?” is ready to run but will appear tomorrow or Thursday. No reason, though, why we shouldn’t get cracking in the build-up to Saturday evening’s momentous game with Guess the Score.

The good news is that the prize is back. The less good news is that it’s still only a mug, albeit a beautiful Salut! Sunderland mug with the promise of a suitably amended design should a United supporter emerge as the competition winner.

montage mug

Look at the headline again. The brand could be a reference to our opponents, which is what even their most traditional of supporters would accept is what United have become.

As our quite excellent “Who are You?” interviewee puts it: “Is it embarrassing to have ‘fans’ who probably think that Best, Law & Charlton is a firm of solicitors? Absolutely. Should we curse people on the other side of the world who wear a United shirt and take pleasure in their success? Not really. It’s the world today. Get over it.”

Then there’s the gloryseeking. For once, that’s us, not them. Glory for us is avoiding defeat in a home game. Ultimate glory is actually winning. Either outcome would give us all – Sunderland fans, that is – a huge lift. It is also considered way beyond us by every pundit and his dog.

Can we hope David Moyes’s threadbare squad will be utterly shagged out from tomorrow night’s exploits in the Ukraine, versus FC Shakhtar Donetsk? Was that a pig flying past the window?

Entries can be hopelessly optimistic, realistic or gloomy. That’s your choice. The winner shall be whoever Monsieur Salut declares it to be, namely the reader who is first to post the correct scoreline between now and kickoff.

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Jake flags the new feature allowing you to have your say on topic or off
Jake flags the new feature allowing you to have your say on topic or off

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Monsieur Salut, Paris-style, by Matt
Monsieur Salut, Paris-style, by Matt

19 thoughts on “SAFC vs Manchester United Guess the Score: a brand of gloryseeking”

  1. I dreamed that Jeremy won and was wondering if I’d be able to afford the postage to Ontario. But no one did.

  2. Sorry about this, but Moyes has got something to prove, and Man U are possibly still smarting over our fans reaction to City’s winning goal denying another Championship.
    So 0-4 – and we will probably be lucky to get nought!

  3. Its all too easy to go for the 1-3, so I’ll plump for 2-1 to us.

    This could be a bit nervy for Man U, with Moyes looking a bit vulnerable. I don’t think there’s ever been a better time to play ManU than now.
    SAF was like a 12th man. They’ve lost him now. I think their result in the champions league this week will play an important role on Sat.

    • You ‘won’ the prizeless competition for the Liverpool game, Jeremy, so maybe this will be your day

  4. 2-1.
    We can’t keep a clean sheet and Altidore is struggling without Fletcher (how we miss him) but what the hell, keep the faith.

    Gardner + Cabral.

    What was that about pigs outside the window?

  5. SAFC 0 – 2 Man Utd,

    Whole show will go to script, and if not then the Ref will ensure that normal service for the big boys is resumed.

  6. The wounded bull will be assaulted by the Sunderland picadors – before jumping up and goring them. 1-3, as usual`.

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