Pure Poyetry: No Christmas stuffing for Delia’s canaries

Jake captures the Bard, with thanks to Owen Lennox
Jake captures the Bard, with thanks to Owen Lennox

John McCormick writes: Even before today’s match I wasn’t looking forward to Thursday. Not only are Everton playing well, there’s hardly any public transport running and it’s bound to rain as I make the long walk back to wherever I can pick up a taxi. So when Gus said in his post-match e-mail that he was disappointed I thought “Join the club, Mate”. Anyway, enough of the joys of living down south, here’s Gus telling M Salut what else he thought:

Jake's gloom" 'one point nee good'
Jake’s gloom” ‘one point nee good’

Dear Colin,

I’m disappointed, I was expecting more from the team.

We’ve used excuses before because we’ve been playing top teams at the Stadium of Light, but we were not good enough to win today.

There’s no place to hide.

I don’t care about the other results, we need to be looking after ourselves.

The easy part, from a manager’s point of view, is defending. Being organised is something that the players have been putting plenty of effort and understanding into.

The situation that we are in, we are all involved. Of course there are players with different characters and on the day they can do better and they know that.

It was a very disappointing day.

All the best,
Gus Poyet

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Jake flags the new feature allowing you to have your say on topic or off
Jake flags the new feature allowing you to have your say on topic or off

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3 thoughts on “Pure Poyetry: No Christmas stuffing for Delia’s canaries”

  1. Drummer. The return of Wayne Bridge would be the final nail in the coffin for a lot of people. Myself included. That would do it for me.

  2. We can’t score goals, look at the ” strikers” we’ve signed. Graham ,5 or 6 million wasted and out on loan.Wickham , 8 million, yet to convince and out on loan.Altidore , 6 million, can do everything but score, can’t hit a barn door. Borini, on loan and wants to go back and Fletcher going through a bad spell , all of them feeding on scraps and 12 million by the way! It’s no wonder Ellis Short is looking to cut costs, he’s not a charity and to see absolute fortunes squandered is almost criminal . We can’t beat the so called lesser teams, 2 league wins all season, there’s only one way we are going and thinking otherwise is delusion I’m afraid.Poyet is doing he’s best so far but if rumours of Wayne Bridge returning are true then it will be yet another garbage signing by us, why do we do it?!

  3. Dreadful. Completely and utterly dreadful. Poyet is now sounding more and more like Di Canio. Di Canio was right about this shower of complete shite and so is Poyet. They are a disgrace.

    Ellis Short has tried his best. Difficult to do that without any football people involved. This is what we end up with. It’s a bloody disaster is what it is.

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