Manchester United humbled: let’s laugh at Moyes and Giggs while we can

Jake rejoices
Jake rejoices

No harm in rubbing it in
for all it’s worth while the joy from last night is still casting a warm glow over Sunderland’s loyal support, near and far.

David Moyes, a manager in trouble if ever there was one as his team looks more lower mid-table than Champions League, attacks the referee Andre Marriner and his assistants, blaming their calls for Sunderand’s deserved 2-1 win. Ryan Giggs adds to the sourness of Moyes’s grapes by calling the officials’ decisions “laughable”.

If only either of them had a studied the history of Mr Marriner and Sunderland. For this of all refs to be accused of favouring SAFC belongs, as I said at Twitter (@salutsunderland), in the list of Tales of the Unexpected.

The extent of United’s plight is amply demonstrated by the fact their players, officials and supporters now show themselves for once to care a hoot about the little old league cup. They naturally expect to breeze past us in the second leg and, for all we know, may do so. But they’re a barely visible shadow of the team Sir Alex grumpily but expertly built.

As for us, we can savour the moment of a wonderful morale booster ahead of games far more important than a cup visit from Man Utd.

Can’t wait for Pete Sixsmith’s fuller assessment. In the meantime, check out Gus Poyet’s post-match e-mail to Monsieur Salut, copied in to one or two others as it may be, and Sixer’s seven-word verdict.

And as I put it in my instant piece for …

The Uruguayan continues to impress in his first Premier season as a manager. If he can build on the emotional lift of passionate cup wins, and lead his team out of danger, he will not only have worked a small miracle but, in all probability, qualify for the freedom of Sunderland, reputedly entitling him among other benefits to drive a flock of sheep across the Wearmouth Bridge.

Monsieur Salut in Paris days, as seen by Matt
Monsieur Salut in Paris days, as seen by Matt

12 thoughts on “Manchester United humbled: let’s laugh at Moyes and Giggs while we can”

  1. I haven’t seen it Jake, and I was wondering how a defender could possibly tackle with his arse. However, I do recall the career of one Mark Hughes formerly of the same parish who spent an entire career playing with his arse, so to speak.

    He never quite managed to tackle but spent years perfecting shielding the ball courtesy of his buttocks.

  2. I watched the highlights show last night. Both rosenoir and Claridge said it wasn’t a penalty, then described the incident – making sound exactly like a penalty! “it wasn’t deliberate, he made an attempt to get the ball and knocked Johnson off-balance”
    That’s a penalty. If Johnson didn’t have control of the ball, it wouldn’t have been, but he did so intent doesn’t come into it

    • The way I saw it he tried to tackle him with his arse, and I’m not sure what the rules are regarding arse tackling.

  3. If do get to Wembley the thought of playing Man City is a tad scary.But then so was playing Leeds in 1973… and we all know who won that one!

  4. I have always rated Moyes. As a manager, and for his honesty. I have to say however, that he is doing his reputation no good by whining about decisions from officials. He should reflect on the fact that for decades his club have harrassed and bullied officials into making favourable decisions for Manchester United.
    Things have a strange habit of turning round, and the combined effect of Ferguson’s retirement, and a less than impressive squad, has suddenly made United look human.
    David Moyes would, I think, garner a lot of respect by expressing a bit more objectivity.

  5. This could be refs payback time after decades of letting themselves be harangued and bullied by SAF. Que Howard Red Webb for round two!

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