Poyetry in Motion on beating Manchester United: ‘City reject’ Johnson shines

Jake captures the Bard, with thanks to Owen Lennox
Jake captures the Bard, with thanks to Owen Lennox

Isn’t it grand when, for once, a Sunderland player taunted by opposition fans over past connections pops up to bite them on the bum? Gus Poyet, in his post-match e-mail, identifies the arrival of Adam Johnson, our purchase from Manchester’s stronger club, as the match-changing moment of a heartening cup victory. It’s only half-time, as Jake points ou, but Man Utd are no longer invincible at Old Trafford and the boss says he would gladly have taken a one-goal lead if offered it before the …

Dear Colin,

I think we did our bit, we made it difficult for them when they were in possession, we tried to defend our way, Manchester United had shots from distance but they didn’t create a clear chance.

[On the opening goal] It was right at the end of the first-half, which is always important; it’s a different meeting at half-time when you score so late but credit to the players – they understood what was needed at the right time.

United scored from a corner which was very difficult to defend, so overall I think that the performance was there – it is little details that change games and maybe today the difference at the end was Johnno [Adam Johnson].

Adam came on and made a few runs and gave us an extra bit on the ball.

[On the penalty] We had a chat this morning about who was taking it and of course Ki [Sung Yueng] was a candidate but Fabio [Borini] is a confident man and he took responsibility and I’m pleased that he scored.

The atmosphere was incredible. Having the opportunity to play at this level in a semi-final against Manchester United and beat them is something that is important for everyone at the club.

Jake's excitement triumphs over the realisation that it's only jhalf time
Jake’s excitement triumphs over the realisation that it’s only jhalf time

I’m sure it’s going to bring a little bit of happiness to everyone in the camp.

If you asked me before the game if I would take a one goal lead before the game, I would – I’m not going to hide from that.

The important thing is we need to go there, knowing that it is going to be very difficult, and we need to play our part, we need to defend well and try to score – that would be important to go through.

Marcos [Alonso] looked tired at the end, I was nearly changing him about four times but I’m pleased that he made his debut and that he did well.

He had a difficult task with [Antonio] Valencia and we won the game – you know how important it is for a player to feel part of a winning team.

We’re pleased with him and we’ll help him to recover him as soon as possible and see how he is ahead of Saturday.

All the best,

Gus Poyet

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