Sunderland vs Carlisle United Guess the Score: aiming to help charity

Here's one we made earlier
Here’s one we made earlier

After Sunderland’s decent Christmas, no one guessing the score versus Aston Villa saw what happened coming.

The losers were not only SAFC. The dispiriting performance was at odds with the optimistic predictions so donations promised by readers to Help the Heroes, the British Heart Foundation or Water Aid came to nought.

I am sure Eric Bowers, donor of his latest Guess the Score prize mug, would want the idea to continue until someone wins and hands over a little dosh to his or her chosen cause.

So have a go – whoever you support – at guessing the score in Sunday’s FA Cup game at home to Carlisle United.

Jake's dream
Jake’s dream

If there is a cause you’d like to benefit should your scoreline prove correct, say so in your response below. The rule is easy: you must stake a minimum of £10. The winner is the reader who posts the right score; if more than one opts for the same scoreline, the highest bidder collects the mug irrespective of the order in which the forecast was made.

But as before, there is no compulsion. You may simply guess the score and not bother with the charitable add-on.

A Carlisle supporter winning the competition would receive a mug with suitably modified design.

Monsieur Salut’s decision shall be final but, conscious of the state of his own finances immediately after Christmas, will make no criticism if no one opts for his refinement of Eric’s suggestion – and he would simply become the “proud (?) owner” of yet another mug.

Oh, and Ha’way the Lads. I cannot bring myself to wish defeat on Sunderland in any game, not even when there is a pressing need to concentrate on the ever-harder task of staying up.

Jake: 'just the cups now?'
Jake: ‘just the cups now?’
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Salut! Sunderland: … what memories do you have of Michael Bridges at the club? He seemed get quite a few goals.

Mark Nicholson, Carlisle supporter:

Michael Bridges was another player who looked a cut above at our level, he came at a time when the club was on the up anyway (there was only one way we could have gone from the lowest of the low) but his intelligent play was often so good he looked on a whole level of his own to the rest of the squad at the time and indeed the rest of the division.

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Jake flags the new feature allowing you to have your say on topic or off
Jake flags the new feature allowing you to have your say on topic or off

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Monsieur Salut in Paris days, as seen by Matt
Monsieur Salut in Paris days, as seen by Matt

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    • And Fraizer Campbell helped the Baby-Faced Assassin to his first win for Cardiff. Can’t remember which bunch of nobodies they were playing!

  1. It’s 1-0 to us. Hopefully “muggie” will find himself a loving home on Sunday evening. £10 to the RAF Benevolent Fund (cue Dambusters theme).

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