The Newcastle v Sunderland Guess the Score: not 1-9, not 5-1

Jake: let ha'way rise above ho'way again
Jake: let ha’way rise above ho’way again

I may have used that headline before. I hope the last bit – “not 5-1” – is not only right but replaced in real life by a scoreline starting with 0 and followed by at least 1. Sunderland won’t win 9-1 though I bet they said the same before December 5 1908.

Salut! Sunderland
is behind a little on Guess the Scores and must check back to see if any winners’ mugs have been overlooked. We certainly owe one to “CSB” who nobly bid £50 for the one Eric Bowers put up for charity auction. Th £50 will go to Water Aid as soon as Monsieur Salut can get his act together, and a mug will be heading towards CSB.

Have a go for the derby game. whether you’re a Mackem or a Mag (or neither). Another mug will go to the reader who is first to post the correct result, before kickoff of course. M Salut’s decisions shall be final, both on the competition outcome and the design change to be made should a non-SAFC supporter be the winner.

Ha’way not ho’way the Lads.

And catch the Newcastle United ‘Who are You?’ with Brian Neil, a Mag who hasn’t missed a derby, home or away, since 1981.

Brian Neil at Sid James' Park
Brian Neil at Sid James’ Park


Salut1 Sunderland: Wear-Tyne-Wear derby days can be exhilarating, heartbreaking, downright poisonous.One point of view even suggests we should settle for an unplayed draw each time and just get on with our lives. What do you think?

Brian: : Whey give owa man….Definitely not !, these are the games that I live for and provide a feeling like no other… I’m excited just thinking and writing about it man. I’ve had my share of heartbreak mind you… no more so than last season….but, during my time supporting NUFC I’m way in credit when it comes to Tyne-Wear derby games and results….Newcastle enjoying by far the better of the derbies since the late 1960s! – See more at:

A Parisian SAFC fan goes about his daily life, M Salut, circa 2004, as seen by Matt
A Parisian SAFC fan goes about his daily life, M Salut, circa 2004, as seen by Matt

9 thoughts on “The Newcastle v Sunderland Guess the Score: not 1-9, not 5-1”

  1. Them ……..which was a very good creature feature from the 1950’s about mutated Ants…0 -2 SAFC…. As an aside I would also recommend …It Came From Outer space…..James Arness
    (from Gun Smoke) was the villain/alien…..the bit where its strangles the huskies kept me awake many nights

  2. Well we always remember the chant “We always win 2-1, Wealwayas win 2-1, We ArrrLWAYS win 2-1”. Maybe after this game we’ll be able to replace the 2-1 with 3-0? But these things only appear in retrospect. We can never predict them.

    • “We can never predict”. Does that get me off the hook? Methinks not. In a spirit of exceptional generosity, I declare Geoff a winner despite the enormous cost of getting the mug all the way to NZ

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