Manchester City beat Sunderland again, but it’s only Guess the Score


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We said the prize could go to a supporter of either league cup final side and Simon Curtis, our Man City guest in the “Who are You?” hot seat, was the winner.

Simon, a past prize-winner in the annual “Who are You?” awards, loyally but also, sad to relate, correctly predicted 3-1 to his team and wins the Campo Retro shirt.

His pre-match interview was his usual mixture of wit, wisdom and nostalgia and can be found at

This is “our bit” from Simon’s match report at ESPN:

So when Sunderland, backed by their magnificent supporters, play a half of immaculate anti-City football, closing space, unleashing energy, eating up turf, there is time and room to stop, think, ponder and realise: City are still just the same. Just the same agony and embarrassment. One-nil down at halftime to a team of limited talent playing on the absolute fringes of their potential. Spot on. Playing as if their lives depend on it, backed by a wall of noise with a strange accent. Good luck to them.

And here’s “their bit” from my own report at the same place:

It took two magnificent strikes to change the game so dramatically. The first, from Yaya Toure, was outstanding, but I have rarely seen a ball hit so well as Samir Nasri managed a minute later. The City fans — sedate, outclassed and out-sung by the red and white hordes who seemed to dominate neutral areas as well as their own section — found their voice at last. The face of a blue-scarfed girl, just in front of me, lit up; she had been a model of teenage sullenness throughout the first half.

Simon should receive his prize before too long.

Catch our full post-Wembley coverage, from Sixer’s inimitable matchday travelogue and report – – to the tale of the Tory MP who offered a profuse apology via these pages to the Sunderland supporters he mightily offended with his comments on eve-of-final events in Covent Garden.

Another scumbag hooligan? Monsieur Salut by Matt
Another scumbag hooligan? Monsieur Salut by Matt

2 thoughts on “Manchester City beat Sunderland again, but it’s only Guess the Score”

  1. David Mellor who committed the ultimate sin….no, not being a Tory Minister….an even greater sin. ….he switched from supporting Fulham to supporting Chelski…..the idea makes me shudder…

  2. I hope that as younger supporters start to follow Man City, they won’t come to expect success as their birthright, and to think that the opposition is just making up the numbers. City supporters, on the whole, are well-balanced, fair and know that this level of success is not the norm. I hope this doesn’t change, but the longer they’re successful, the more newer supporters might view fine clubs like Sunderland as ‘meat and potatoes’ sides (David Mellor’s description).

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