Sixer’s Sevens: Liverpool 2 SAFC 1. At last some passion

Pete Sixsmith: seven words, no more, no less
Pete Sixsmith: seven words, no more, no less

A brave performance, said Gary Bennett. Much better, Pete Sixsmith agreed. And having clawed one goal back, we almost grabbed an equaliser (John O’Shea’s header) against one of the Premier form teams and title contenders. Salut! Sunderland salutes that effort. The test now is clear: take this level of passion into the home game against West Ham …

Jake: 'got close ...'
Jake: ‘got close …’

March 26 Liverpool 2 (2) SAFC 1 (0) No points but much better than Saturday

March 22 Norwich (2) 2 Sunderland (0) 0 Relegation beckons after yet another shocking performance

Jake: the gloom just got gloomier
Jake: the gloom just got gloomier

March 15 Sunderland (0) 0 Crystal Palace (0) 0 Lack of creativity cost us yet again

March 9 FA Cup Sixth Round: Hull City 3 (0) SAFC (0) 0 Errors like these will see us relegated

March 2 2014 Sunderland 1 (1) Manchester City (0) 3 A cruel result. Proud of the team

Feb 22nd 2014 Arsenal 4 (3) Sunderland 1 (0) Absolutely dreadful performance. No positives at all.

Feb 15th 2014 FA Cup Round 5 Sunderland (0) 1 Southampton (0) 0 Wembley twice? Why not? Deserved to win.

Feb 8 2014 Sunderland (0) 0 Hull City (1) 2 Brilliant at shooting ourselves in the foot.

Feb 1 2014 Newcastle United (0) Sunderland (2) 3 #1 Wonderful performance from Mannone through to Borini #2 A bad night for Tyneside’s equine population

Jan 29 2014SAFC (1) 1 Stoke City (0) 0 Unconvincing and barely deserved against 10 men

Jan 25 2014 FA Cup 4th Round: SAFC (1) 1 Kidderminster Harriers (0) 0 Won – that’s all there is to say.

Jan 22 2014 Capital One Cup semifinal second leg. AET: Manchester United (1) 2 Sunderland (0) 1 SAFC WIN 2-1 ON PENALTIES: Oh Vito Mannone. Oh Vito Mannone. Hero.

Jan 11 2014 Fulham (0) 1 Sunderland (2) 4: : *Johnson hatrick destroys Fulham in winter sunshine

Jan 7 2014 Capital One Cup Semi-final First Leg: Sunderland (1) 2 Manchester United (0) 1 : Deserved it. Shows what we can do

Jan 5 2014 FA Cup 3rd Round: Sunderland (1) 3 Carlisle Utd (1) 1 : Comfortable in the end. Two youngsters sparkled

January 1 2014 Sunderland (0) 0 Aston Villa (1) 1 : Dismal as our Premier place slips away


December 28 2013 Cardiff City (1) 2 Sunderland (0) 2 : Dragged a vital point out of that

December 26 2013 Everton (0) 0 Sunderland (1) 1 Hung on after interval but massive result

December 21 2013 SAFC (0) 0 Norwich City (0) 0 As stodgy as last year’s Christmas pud

December 17 2013 Capital One Cup 5th Round: SAFC (0) 2 Chelsea (0) 1 AET Ki seals comeback; didn’t see that coming

December 14 2013 West Ham Utd (0) 0 Sunderland (0) 0 Better side by miles – couldn’t finish it

December 8 2013 SAFC (1) 1 Tottenham Hotspur (1) 2 Score flatters us as task gets harder

December 4 2013 SAFC (1) 3 Chelsea (2) 4 Pushed a strong side all the way

November 30 2013 Aston Villa (0) 0 SAFC (0) 0 *Villa almost undone by cream soda performance

November 23 2013 Stoke City (1) 2 SAFC (0) 0 Ridiculous red gave us an impossible task

November 10 2013 SAFC (1) 1 Manchester City (0) 0 A wonderfully disciplined performance. Real hope now

November 6 2013 Capital One Cup 4th Round: SAFC (0) 2 Southampton (0) 1 A tidy second half brings Wembley closer

November 2 2013 Hull City (1) SAFC (0) Damage limitation after appalling first half performance

October 27 2013 SAFC (1) 2 Newcastle United (0) 1 Bragging rights and a win. Good combination/ or Perfect Poyet puts another one over Pardew

October 19 2013 Swansea City 4 (0) SAFC 0 (0) No Poyet magic cure for abject failure*

October 5 2013 SAFC (1) 1 Manchester United (0) 2 Better side first half, outclassed in second

September 30 2013 SAFC (0) 1 Liverpool (2) 3 Spirit in abundance, undone by shoddy defending

September 24 2013 Capital One Cup 3rd Round: SAFC (1) 2 Peterborough United (0) 0 A solid performance without any touchline histrionics

September 21 2013 West Bromwich Albion 3 (1) SAFC 0 (0) Coach looks completely out of his depth

September 14 2013 SAFC (0) 1 Arsenal (1) 3 Performance far better than the result suggests

August 31 2013 Crystal Palace (1) 3 SAFC (0) 1 Nowhere near good enough for this league

August 27 2013 Capital One Cup 2nd Round: SAFC (0) 4 MK Dons (1) 2Outplayed, outclassed, somehow got out of jail

August 24 2013 Southampton (0) 1 SAFC (1) 1 The point was better than the performance

August 17 2013 SAFC (0) 0 Fulham (0) 1 Ultimately little difference from previous two seasons

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Jake flags the new feature allowing you to have your say on topic or off
Jake flags the new feature allowing you to have your say on topic or off

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9 thoughts on “Sixer’s Sevens: Liverpool 2 SAFC 1. At last some passion”

  1. I sometimes wonder what game people are watching. Altidore is not Premier League class but I agree with Pete that last night he tried hard and was much better than many others. Giac was awful but seems to be immune from criticism The very few attacks we had in the first half foundering on his first touch, or lack of, yet people still want him to start on Monday. As for the substitution being booed, my view was that Vergini knew he was lucky (twice) to not be sent off so was frightened to tackle in the second half and they kept walking past him and when the subs were made taking him off was the obvious thing to do. I still cannot understand leaving him on and taking off a forward. Having said that, we were the better team from then on so maybe Poyet knows more about it than I do!
    Mannone has had a great season but he was very poor last night. No keeper should ever get beaten on his side at a free kick and it wasn’t even that well placed. He guessed where Suarez was gong to hit an earlier free kick, Liverpool spotted it and he guessed again to be easily beaten. Also, the deflection off Brown was tiny and he should have already been moving when it happened so I definitely think he should have saved both. Like Mignolet last year against West Brom, this defeat appears largely down to the keeper, but he has earned the right to 1 bad game (this assumes that our comeback was down to our good play and not them easing off at 2-0 up)

  2. I listened to radio commentary, and Gary Bennett had a lot of praise for Altidore, so maybe taking Wickham off was a reflection of that.

    Absolutely CSB – which team will turn up? Was the improvement down to tactics, changing the formation – having 2 strikers and Giaccherini just behind? Or was it attitude? Or both?

    In an interview before match Larsson said the players had had to be honest with each other after the Norwich game and say some things that needed to be said. Maybe a few things got sorted out?

    • I heard Gary Bennetts commentary of the first half of the Norwich game Joan and he absolutely slaughtered Altidore. Even to the point of laughing at his ineptitude . It was the harshest criticism I’ve ever heard from one pro to another regarding ability .I watched the game last night ( tv) and didnt hear Benno, but I guess any praise directed Altidore’s way was probably out of guilt and a little embarrassment due to hes previous lambasting ,because from what I saw , he wasn’t very good. Wickham was better .

  3. I saw a Liverpool who scored 2 and sat back
    job done….Once we scored from a sharp looking Ki,they couldn’t get the foot back on the gas pedal.It very nearly cost them 2 points and a title.

    Still a big fat zero points,there is just no relief at all.

  4. A much better performance but still no points. Apart from his error which eventually led to the first goal I was impressed with Cattermole. Johnson was all over Liverpool’s defenders. Vergini ,Dossena and Altidore should never wear our shirts again. Did we sign another player named Ki after Saturday because this was not the same guy who failed to perform against Norwich. Fans were epic as per. Same old story, a decent performance which must be built on next Monday. West Ham will set themselves up not to lose. I just can’t see where 13-15 points are coming from.

    • Like I said Eric , its the ‘ shop window effect’ when they go to places like Anfiield. Back on planet Earth ,they should be putting that effort in every game for the poor saps that are actually willing to pay those grotesque wages that they feel so entitled to.

  5. Hopefully he’s keeping Wickham fresh to partner Borini from now on and hopefully we’re in negotiations with some Dutch teams to return goal machine Altidore at the first opportunity. Trouble is we can get up for the big teams and the mags but can’t raise our game for our six pointers. That’s a real concern, obviously the opposition shutting up shop comes into it . But do this squad consciously raise their game at places like Anfield looking to impress, while going through the motions against lesser teams? If they do its criminal and the sooner they’re chased the better. Prove us wrong, starting Monday.

  6. Should go down as a moral victory, nobody expected us to get anything from this game, but the key issue was going to be the performance.

    Yet again the team showed what they are capable of and tantalisingly start to give us hope again. Bur we have seen it all before, perform like we did at Anfield against west Ham get the win and maybe I’ll start believing again.

    Don’t understand why he took Wickham off and left Altidore on, is he trying to keep Wickham fresh for the West Ham game? Strange one I thought.

    Vito could have done better with the first which again resulted from ourselves being the architects of our own downfall, Cattermole robbed in front of the back four, Vergini and O’Shea getting in each others way.

    Second goal a wicked deflection, just our bad luck.

    On a good note, Sunderland’s nemesis Kevin Friend actually had a good game, ignored Suarez’s persistent diving should have had him in the book really.

    Role on West Ham for another six pointer, must win, season defining, crunch game, relegation battle. Which Sunderland will turn up?

  7. I wasn’t expecting anything from this game except a huge dent in our goal difference. Only losing by one goal is a positive of sorts.

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