Podcast! Just more moaning on, really…

Going down?
Going down?

It’s getting difficult to know what to talk about now. Sometimes the podcast can be a bit more sprightly when we’ve lost. There’s less to moan about when we win. There’s a reason the football phone ins are always busier when teams are losing. Nobody wants to ring up and say how good things are, it’s boring. The podcast is a good chance for us to vent our spleen, but we’ve hit a brick wall.

There seems little point in even debating why things are going wrong. It seems it’s damaged beyond repair. Even Gus Poyet seems to have given up the ghost, and is now desperately trying to reshuffle his ridiculously rubbish pack. It really is scrape the barrel territory. But where does Gus go from here? When does he write it all off as a bad job and start planning for next year? The feeling among most supporters is that we’ve already gone. The team should probably keep going until there’s no mathematical possibility of survival, but they seem completely bereft of anything required to create a half decent football team.

Joining us this week was former Sunderland forward Martin Smith. We also had Everton writer David Fehily on the line. Fortunately two decent guests managed to rescue the podcast. If only we had to decent players to rescue our flailing Sunderland side.

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3 thoughts on “Podcast! Just more moaning on, really…”

  1. Gareth at one point wanted to discuss the reasons why it had all gone wrong and my ears perked up, but the discussion wasn’t pursued. I hope ,maybe toward the end of the season, may aswell be soon as we’re down, you have an inquest ,with your opinions but especially Martin Smiths honest assessment of the calamity that is our club. Look forward to it, we’re still listening , honestly !

    • Oh, that will come! I didn’t want to do the topic an injustice by just having a small, spontaneous conversation. There’ll be a time when I ask guests (whoever they are) to prepare some serious answers to where bits of the blame lie.

      It will sound natural and improvised enough – the trick of broadcasting 😉

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