Sunderland vs Everton Guess the Score: stick to football, not cricket figures

Monsieur Salut by Matt
Monsieur Salut, by Matt, once again offering a mug if you get the score right

I have promised a prize in each Guess the Score unless or until relegation is a certainty. That holds.

Pete Sixsmith expects mighty embarrassment on Saturday. Everton have been in terrific form. We, er, have not.

I have a horrible premonition about Gus Poyet’s post-match e-mail ruing that killer third goal, just when we looked like getting back to 1-2 and, then, who knows what. I worry about a cricket score of a home defeat.

If the truth be known, I am not even too happy about the idea of Leon Osman falling over his own feet with no Sunderland defender closer than Fawcett Street only for Howard Webb to award a last-kick penalty at 0-0. At least we can discount that eventuality: Phil Dowd’s the ref and, well, Osman’s “not that kind of lad”.

So guess the score. We are just about beyond hope now so be as honest as you wish. Don’t say “an easy 2-0 cruise for the Lads” if you think 1-4 to the Toffeemen may be a more likely outcome. Equally, don’t be gloomy if you see those same Lads finally showing some of the gumption and drive they offered in cup competitions.

Everton fans – especially those who like us because Roker Park used to look a bit like Goodison – are welcome to join the fun, as it may be for them. Winning a mug, even one that takes Monsieur Salut months to send out, can be a life-changing event. And an Evertonian winner would get one with a suitably modified design.

Here's one we made earlier (two sides of the same one)
Here’s one we made earlier (two sides of the same one)

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Jake: 'is that a win you see out there somewhere?'
Jake: ‘is that a win you see out there somewhere?’

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Salut! Sunderland: Those thrashings at Goodison and the FA Cup replay win at our place must figure high but do you have any other happy memories of playing us, or indeed sad or amusing ones?

Barry Cass: The 7-1 in 2007 sticks in my mind for obvious reasons when Roy Keane was the gaffer.
But a game that surprised me was back in 1996 at Goodison Park when Everton were flying, we had just been tipped as outsiders for the title in December when the Mackems rocked up. I was expecting a routine home win and your boys stuffed us 3-1 with Michael Bridges scoring two I think, also remember Lionel Perez saving a pen in the game.

15 thoughts on “Sunderland vs Everton Guess the Score: stick to football, not cricket figures”

  1. Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss is the cry from Gary Bennett (wonder if he still has his boots?) as we score a late winner to confound all critics. For once all the other results go our way and we pull 3 points closer to an improbable escape act. Chelsea will be resting all their best players for Champs League SF a few days after our visit so another point is on the cards. KTF. 1-0.

  2. Sod reality, sod ‘Keep the faith’, just please show some pride, dignity and passion ‘that’s all we are asking……just give us a win’

    SAFC 2 – 1 Everton…….if only!

  3. Sorry Mackems,but we owe you lot for the home game. I guess 1 – 3 and I’d be kind of surprised if you still have 11 men on the park at the end too. Given all of that good luck with staying up.

    • You charge us £37 to sit behind a pillar in a clapped out stadium similar to one we demolished 20 years ago and you charge us £3.70 for warm lager when proper beer’s almost half the price outside.

      And you say we owe you.

      Shame on you, Win

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