Podcast! Never give up hope…

Must win? Again?
Must win? Again?

Dear oh dear. We’re back again with another soul destroying, depressing edition of the only independent Sunderland podcast and it doesn’t make for pleasant listening. Another must win game arrives on Monday, unfortunately it’s against a team who are far superior to the West Ham United side that beat us on Monday gone. Sunderland need to pull something ridiculous out of the bag if they want to give themselves any chance at all of staying in the Premier League. Week by week, the writing on the wall seems to get larger and larger. Let’s hope the lads actually put up some fight in the last eight games at least. Goldy even muses over a similar situation under Mick McCarthy a few years back when we lost 10 in a row. Thanks for that, Stephen.

Staying in touch with the pack ahead is so important before we face Cardiff City at home at the end of the month. In a couple of weeks, that game in hand will be long gone. We won’t even be able to cling to that forlorn hope any more. It’s against Manchester City like, anyway. But can we impose ourselves more on better sides than those around us? Probably in some respects. The main issue is that those teams have really, really good players though. They tend to hurt us more than we can hurt them. I’m trying to be positive, honest. I even predict a win on the podcast. Probably because I’m an idiot.

Joining us this week is freelancer and general nice chap Kristan Heneage. Whitby Town manager and former Black Cat Darren Williams gives us his views on the much discussed 3-5-2 system among other things. We get a Tottenham view from Rule The Roost podcaster Jack Hussey, too. He doesn’t like Tim Sherwood. Surprise.

So join us for an hour of misery. You can subscribe on iTunes or listen via Soundcloud below.

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  1. We’ll probably scrape a few wins together when it’s virtually impossible to stay up and go down by a couple of points, but go down we will . Don’t be fooled either by the squad saying they gave everything for the cause , they didnt . It will be far to little , far to late, good riddance to the ones that go and I wish we could get rid of most of them .’ Dare to dream’ , is that what they call it ?

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