As the Lads face WBA, Salut! Sunderland kicks off its own season

Jake's first matchday banner of the new season
Jake’s first matchday banner of the new season

Week after week, a diehard Sunderland supporter Simon R – @sie_ftm at Twitter – includes @salutsunderland in his #FF (Friday follows once tweet abbreviations are converted to tweetspeak). Most Fridays, I thank him.

Today I added my eve-of-season thought: “The usual mixture of excitement, hope and apprehension!” To which Simon threw trepidation into the mix.

Guess the Score – – has produced the customary wave of optimism, genuine belief and blind loyalty.

“Who are You?” is back with another fascinating series of questions and answers, young Baggies fan Nathan Carr in the hot seat:

Once again Salut! will do its best with limited, stretched resources to bring you top-rate writing and illustration. There’ll be wisdom, analysis and wit. We may even get it right some of the time.

We have lost the Podcast. It started here and we are grateful to Steven Goldsmith and Gareth Barker mighty efforts. Now, in the manner of Crewe Alexandra, we see our homegrown talent lured to brighter lights, in this case ALS. Good luck to all.

We will continue to scour the horizon for a sponsor or sponsors, rather more advertising that comes our way just now, a shedload of subscriptions to the Friends of Salut! Sunderland scheme and maybe more buyers of mugs etc once we can find a way of making the pricing attractive.

If you fancy joining the team of under-rewarded but happy toilers, writing or editing or whatever, drop a line to e-mail link. Maybe Simon’s our man!

And Ha’way the Lads for a season we hope to be less nerve-shredding, better to look at and a good deal more successful in terms of finishing position.

Matt's cartoon as adapted by Jake
Matt’s cartoon as adapted by Jake
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