A welcome to Will Buckley: McClean without the baggage?

Salut! Sunderland welcomes Will Buckley to the Sunderland family after his signing for another of those idiotic “undisclosed fees”, aka £2.5m in this instance if reports are right, from Brighton.

We know little about Buckley but Gus Poyet knows his football, liked what he saw of him at Brighton and decided he was good enough for the Premier. So that’s good enough for us provided the winger now takes the big chance he’s been offered.

Now, from his interview with safc.com. let us hear the lad himself: “I am very direct, I like to get on the ball and take on defenders to stretch the game.”

That directness can be seen in the clip. One or two of the runs took me back to when we thought James McClean was a breath of fresh air.

More from Will: “This is the pinnacle of where I wanted to play football from when I started, obviously I played in League Two and then jumped to the Championship and I think it took a couple of months to get used to that.

“I managed to make that step and the head coach thinks I can make the next step to the Barclays Premier League. It is where I want to be so it’s time to prove that now.”

Good luck, Will.

Matt's cartoon as adapted by Jake
Matt’s cartoon as adapted by Jake

10 thoughts on “A welcome to Will Buckley: McClean without the baggage?”

  1. “but Gus Poyet knows his football” does he??????

    Bridcutt, Scocco, Ustari, and not convinced about the re-signing Vergini nor the ridiculous pursuit of Borini at £14

    • I tend to agree. Not impressed with any of his signings, and the Borini saga is totally ludicrous. IMO he would be over-priced at £10m.

      I keep hearing about Gus’s ” playing philosophy “. I wish we could learn what it is? Looks much as before to me.

  2. At this point of the summer all fans are anxious about players leaving, do incomers have what it takes etc

    We were at our best last season when we had a balanced side eg left footed Alonso at LB rather than say Bardsley. A proper full back at RB than say Gardner.

    Poyet’s purchases seem to bring balance eg van Aanholt at LB. ….but now with a bit of pace eg Rodwell and Gomez are quicker than Colback, Vaughan and Gardner. Buckley seems to bring more pace and hence threat

    Ready to go

  3. I was at the Forest v Brighton last game of season match. Buckley, like most of his team mates , not least Ulloa, were timid.
    Harsh to judge him on one game, but it was a big one. Brighton were very poor, and lucky to win.
    On what I saw, Buckley isn’t a Prem player, hope he proves me wrong.
    Ulloa, despite scoring the winner, is not Prem quality, and at £10m makes Jose look a bargain

  4. I’m a big fan of both Tim and Jeff myself Rob. I also really liked the late Mick Buckley too. Let’s hope I can say the same about Bill Wuckley.

  5. I think he can cut the mustard. Seems willing to take his man on, not a one trick pony and can finish too. The Premier League is obviously a class above but at 2.5m it’s a shrewd move and Poyet seems happy. I hope it works out well.

  6. I guess we will see. Good Luck Will Buckley. I am a big fan of Tim and his son Jeff. If he is as good a football player as these 2 guys were as Musicians. He has my support. Just do not fall as they did.

  7. McClean had no football intelligence at all, Buckley looks like he has a bit of cleverness to go with his pace. Good luck to him.

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