QPR vs SAFC ‘Guess the Score’: no beer, no prize

Jake's new Guess the Score image,  with the usual insolent caption
Jake’s new Guess the Score image, with the usual insolent caption

Can two sets of supporters, from good, decent football clubs, be trusted to share the same licensed premises with a couple of coppers on hand to nip any nonsense in the bud?

The answer from the Met is No. So make sure to get your pre-match pints in Kings Cross or elsewhere. Shepherds Bush may prove a desert. One or two publicans may welcome you but don’t bet on it.

This is from our “Who are You?” interview with a QPR fan, Kieran Robinson, due to be published here this evening: “If I can give some friendly advice to improve your experience in W12, it would be to avoid wearing colours, or at least be discreet. Not that you’ll get an especially unfriendly welcome from our supporters, it’s just that most if not all pubs in the Bush, are now “home fans only” on police advice. Old away fan haunts like O’Neill’s and Walkabout have closed or changed hands recently, so drinking around Kings Cross, Baker Street or Hammersmith may be a better shout for Sunderland fans. (I give way to the Beer-Meister – Steve Colwell, QPR fan and a good friend to this site – here!)”

Mean-spirited policing, however predictable, deserves a response. The best we can do is say no one will win a mug. This week’s Guess the Score is for fun only.

But have a go all the same. If you’re right, imagine you won something and raise a glass to the hope of a more enlightened police approach to football supporters, if not any day soon.

Jake: 'don't put us through hoops, Lads'
Jake: ‘don’t put us through hoops, Lads’


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16 thoughts on “QPR vs SAFC ‘Guess the Score’: no beer, no prize”

  1. 0-2 to us again. Our first team is much stronger than QPR, the problem is the depth & still lack in 3 postions

  2. Sunderland 1 QPR 0 . I’m also feeling strangely optimistic about our club at present so I hope we’re all not tempting fate . But no , I’m sticking out for a win !

  3. Interesting choices so far but bit on the optimistic side. . .maybe! I think it will be much closer and whe ever takes their chances will win by the odd goal. We were very good against Hull. McGregor got man of the match even though Chester put in a masterful display so that all tells its own story of how well we played only to be thwarted in the final third. As for the spurs debacle, well I never thought we would get anything from that game as we are woeful away from loftus rd but at home we can match anyone. Don’t read too much into the spurs game and if anything that was a wake up call for Harry not to play too veteran’s in a back line of 3. Onouha will take Dunnes place. 2-1 for me if Remy starts!

  4. No prize so I can make a real guess, not least because it’s to be my debut, sober or not. QPR 1 SAFC 3

  5. Unusually for me I have a strange feeling of well being at the moment. The squad seems to have better quality and balance and I am confident that by the end of the transfer window we will have another decent centre back (which is number 1 priority for me) and a couple more additions to the squad.

    But if we don’t win on Saturday the doubts will be creeping in. So confidently I’ll go for:

    QPR 1 Sunderland 4

  6. I suppose that’s a hint for me to add something!

    I agree with Kieran about not drinking near the ground, but then, most of the pubs nearby are shite anyway ;-D

    Hammersmith, or up near Paddington/Marble Arch/Lancaster Gate would be better, and certainly in more central London, easy to get to the ground by Central Line tube, which I presume will be running with no problem. More below…

    Regarding the match, I hate to predict QPR will lose, but, if I had to make a true prediction, I’d say an away win, but I can’t, so 2-2 draw, err…

    Link to my QPR page, if you like real ales, lots there for you, or you could transfer to the London overall page on the site, anyway, here you go…


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