A propos of nothing much, meet or join the Salut! Sunderland team

With real football
about to resume – though bravo Danny Welbeck on his winning brace for England – here’s a chance to meet the Salut! Sunderland team.

Some write, some edit, some illustrate. All do their level best, with whatever time they can beg, borrow or steal, to bring you as good a fan site service as you’ll find anywhere in football. That is not the same as saying we succeed in that aim, but it’s our aim all the same.

If you think you can do as well or better, let us know. There is always room for new faces.

One of two others have also contributed to these pages. I have limited this mini-feature to those who have done so often enough for Jake to offer to create a banner image.

Salut! and Ha’way the Lads.

Colin Randall

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1 thought on “A propos of nothing much, meet or join the Salut! Sunderland team”

  1. A big hand to all of you. I can honestly say that this is the sanest, and most civil football forum that I have so far encountered.

    opinion and analysis about football ebbs, flows and varies, dependent upon background knowledge, experience of watching and/or playing, sentiment and, lets face it, one’s mood.

    Your lead writers demonstrate a depth of knowledge of SAFC, and of other clubs, and in my opinion, are commendably fair minded.

    Equally, the contributions from regulars on the forum, in my view, are almost inevitably sensible and balanced, and in the case of Sunderland fans, are well-founded in realism [ supporting Sunderland does tend to prevent undue expectation! ]

    More power to your elbow[s] – and thanks.

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