Hutch’s Patch: Fletch and Réveillère star in one-word Sunderland performance assessments

Jake: Rob's ratings
Jake: Rob’s ratings

Monsieur Salut: writes: Opinions. We’ve all got them. Nic Wiseman and I have been debating at twitter on the Palace goal. Was it a world-class save by Pantilimon undone by the rebound off Wes Brown, as he believes, or two-thirds of a great save which ended with a fumble, as I wrote – on the strength of a single view from the stand – at ESPN? Rob Hutchison was there, too, and among his one-word, pre-Keir snap judgements, our big Romanian scored 7. I’d have made that a 6 and Brown a 7 but otherwise concur with Rob …

* Pants – 7 Confident

* O Shea – 7 Sound

* Vergini – 5 Nervy

* Réveillère – 8 Impressive

* Van Aanholt – 7 Improving

* Catts – 7 Foisty

* Larsson – 7 Workmanlike

* Gomez – 7 Progressing

* Buckley – 7 – Pacey

* Wickham – 5 Wasteful

* Fletcher – 9 Back

* Brown – 6 Oranjeboom

* Altidore – 6 Brief

* Bridcutt – 6 Tight


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4 thoughts on “Hutch’s Patch: Fletch and Réveillère star in one-word Sunderland performance assessments”

  1. it was a world class save undone by a great finish by Brown to rival Vergini at Southampton. No fumble, no forehead….

    • Ian: having finally had the advantage available to TV viewers and seen it again, I agree with some, not all, of that.

      For me, a world class save has to have an end product that isn’t a goal. He stopped it well so it was a good save in itself. But he pushed it only as far as Fraizer whose backheel would probably have met a Palace forehead/boot/body and gone in had Brown’s foot not forehead – you’re right again – not got there first. Not remotely a Vergini, just an accident that cruelly befell Brown (who otherwise excelled, once on, in my view).

      I have amended the introduction accordingly. I have also added a mea culpa at ESPN and will repeat that when I preview the Everton game there. The only defence is that when you’re watching from the stands, you get one view with no replays and no multiple angle views. On Thornton Heath station afterwards, there was much agreement that their keeper was at fault in being slow to Fletcher’s header and ours might have done better with the Palace goal. We were certainly wrong on the latter.

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