Sunderland Guess the Score as Chelsea’s Special One braves the far North

We don’t often do well against them at home, but when we do it’s spectacular.

Most of us recall that best first half seen at the Stadium of Light when, having been walloped 4-0 on the opening day of our first season back in the Premier under Peter Reid, we waltzed into the same lead by the interval. SuperKev nearly made it five, and his third, as Chelsea pulled one back in the second half.

Jake: 'I know there's usually a three down - just make sure we're not among them, Lads'
Jake: ‘I know there’s usually a three down – just make sure we’re not among them, Lads’

Then there was the relegation season when a sensational Kevin Ball diving header chalked up one of our two goals in a 3-0 win. And the 1-0 win from a Phillips penalty in 2001 when a delayed kickoff meant everyone had time for an extra drink or two before things got under way.

That’s about it in recent times. They usually come up North, snarl at the weather and grab three points smartish before making sure they’re back on the King’s Road as soon as possible.

No rollover from the unwon Leicester vs SAFC Guess the Score mug – how come no one guessed 0-0? – as I am tryinghave succeeded in wangling one for the winner of the Beach Boys competition.

So have a go for single mug from Personalised Football Gifts by guessing Saturday’s score first and posting it before kickoff.

Usual rules apply. Chelsea supporters are welcome to join in and a Blues winner would received a mug with a modified design.

Monsieur Salut’s decision is final.

M Salut, drawn by Matt, colouring by Jake
M Salut, drawn by Matt, colouring by Jake

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18 thoughts on “Sunderland Guess the Score as Chelsea’s Special One braves the far North”

  1. 2 – 2 I picked this score at random & typed it with my eyes closed. Well trying to think about it has not helped lately.

  2. I think they’ll be complacent and we’ll take a 2 goal lead. They’ll rally and score leading to a nail biting finish but we’ll hold out for 2-1.

    I shall be on the main stage at Sage Gateshead when the final whistle blows (not on me own) so I shall have to hold my nerve until the interval.

    Alternatively they’ll win comfortably (3-1 to them for a chance at the mug).

    Ha’way lads!!!

  3. In 1964, in December, Chelsea came to Roker Park and they had not lost an away game that season, Sunderland won 3 nil. That Chelsea team had, however, lost 3 at home.
    An omen?

  4. Cabral scores direct from the kick-off, then Coates heads it in from a corner. After half-time Jozy dribbles round the keeper and pops it into the net.


    Not eligible for a mug so anyone who wants it can have the scoreline.

      • I’d love to be able to forecast a win or even a draw, but Chelsea are so far ahead of anyone else, I just can’t. However, no one else in this division fills me with any trepidation so its wins wins wins after Saturday.

  5. SAFC 2 – 1 Chelski…although this prediction may be a bridge too far, they have such strength in depth and the first team is just very good. we will be up against, but tenacity has seen us through before.

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