Wouldn’t it be nice? Wrinkly Pete listens to Pet Sounds, hears Sunderland

pet sounds

The full tracklist for the Beach Boys’ 1966 album Pet Sounds, so good for its time that it even came – belatedly – to be admired in the USA, runs: Wouldn’t It Be Nice?; You Still Believe in Me; That’s Not Me; Don’t Talk (Put Your Head on My Shoulder); I’m Waiting for the Day; Let’s Go Away for Awhile; Sloop John B; God Only Knows; I Know There’s an Answer; Here Today; I Just Wasn’t Made for These Times; Pet Sounds and Caroline No.

Task for today? To apply the ones Peter Lynn left out as he found ways of describing his Sunderland thoughts and experiences through pop song titles and lyrics. I’ll see if I can twist the arms of Personalised Football Gifts for a mug for the best entry (as well as going back on the last time I said the same thing and promptly forgot to award a prize). Let’s keep it to the Beach Boys but I’ll allow entries citing tracks from the rest of their discography …

Imagine you are – as I am now, as I write – listening to Brian Wilson’s dulcet tones as he delivers that opening line. Now journey with me as I embark on my pre-Christmas wish list…

Wouldn’t it be nice?

* to know what Cabral did wrong

* to know what’s wrong with Johnson

* to understand how I can be so wrong in thinking that left wing is not Wickham’s best position

It’s OK, I can stop now because Brian Wilson has come to my rescue with Don’t worry baby, reminding me of our South Stand’s rendition of Everythings gonna be all right on Sunday. And it was. A point won against opponents of the calibre of Everton is fine, especially when you consider how recently it was that we were hammered by Southampton.

Ah, he’s just started singing God only knows and that has brought me down with a bump because it reminds me that God only knows how we will play when I go to watch us play at Leicester.

Is that good or bad though? If you have the stomach for it then surely it is good. On our car journey home to the Midlands after Sunday’s game we were hugely amused by the Arsenal fans phoning in to BBC 606. It’s the end of the world for them and Wenger must go. To have only won the FA Cup – shame!

Now he’s singing Heroes and villains and that pretty much sums our squad up. Less than a year ago Seb Larsson was always a villain to me. His set piece delivery was poor, his defensive positioning was faulty, his tackling was clumsy and his arm waving infuriating. Now he and the reformed Cattermole are irreplaceable in midfield – true heroes.

Peter Lynn: rummaging through his 60s record collection
Peter Lynn: rummaging through his 60s record collection

So it’s the sound of Good vibrations filling the room now and that is why I follow The Lads. The defeats of course hurt but the ecstasy of a win or even a good draw like Sundays is just fantastic and makes me determined to “keep those loving good vibrations a-happening”.

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And here’s another treat,
the sight for sore eyes that is our star roving reporter Pete Sixsmith at what he describes as the best game by a long shot that he’s seen so far this season …


See what made it such a good experience in Pete’s report rounding up a busy weekend of football: Sixer’s Everton Soapbox: beer, goals and fine company from Bo’ness to Sunderland


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8 thoughts on “Wouldn’t it be nice? Wrinkly Pete listens to <em>Pet Sounds</em>, hears Sunderland”

  1. The problem with Dozy Jozy Altidore is that he misses ‘The Warmth of the Sun’ and wishes he was ‘Surfin USA’. Connor Wickham, who’s busy running round in his ‘Little Deuce Coupe’, says “you’ll see the best of me ‘When I Grow up to be a Man’ “. Adam Johnson meanwhile thanks the fans for their support saying ‘You’re so Good to Me’. Danny Graham turns his nose up at Gus’s methods saying ‘That’s Not Me’. Gus Poyet and Margaret Byrne have made up after a reported falling out following the Southampton debacle. Gus told Salut! Sunderland, ‘Then I Kissed Her’, calling her his ‘Wild Honey’.
    I know you said stick to the Beach Boys but just to finish, all Sunderland supporters will recognise their theme tune in the Isley Brothers song ‘This Old Heart of Mine (been broke a thousand times)’.

  2. If we amended the title to I Get A Round, it would have suited Alex Rae to a tee during his drinking days when assorted Scots would latch on to him in Durham and expect the booze to be on him

  3. After the 8-0 hammering at Southampton – “The Nearest Faraway Place.”

    It was the b-side to the Beach Boys single “Cottonfields,” released around ’70 I think. I berated my mam for buying Cottonfields at the time, I couldn’t stand it, but the b-side is a beautiful instrumental, both emotional and peaceful, the perfect antidote to being wound-up.

  4. ‘ I’d love just once to see you’ ( Wild Honey) playing in Europe, just the once before I shuffle off this mortal coil – not much to ask is it? But even if this never happens, through all the highs and lows, through all the relegation scraps and derby wins, we’ll keep the faith because they are ‘Our Team’ ( Good Vibrations Box Set)

  5. How dare you Sir? Wrinkly Eric indeed. I’ll have you know that every day I use a facial scrub comprising Seaburn seaweed, dried nostril scrapings from a donkey, boiled potato peelings and an ingredient too secret to be mentioned in these pages. Hence my skin can be likened to a baby’s bottom (of what creature I’m not too sure). Please amend your slanderous headline forthwith.

    • What would Freud have made of that? Maybe I am just too accustomed to typing your name in emails asking for prize mugs to be sent out! But brilliant response. Eric is no more in the headline

    • Well Eric, my missus thinks I should be awarded the mug for being mistaken for someone who goes to those lengths with their facial.

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