Hutch’s Patch: 10 out of 10 for SAFC fans at Liverpool

Jake: Rob's a man of few words
Jake: Rob’s a man of few words

Here, in the continued absence of young Keir Bradwell (family commitments), Rob Hutchison again casts a minimalist view over the man-by-man SAFC performances in the spirited draw at Anfield. Monsieur Salut agrees with most, not all …

Rob says: “Point felt like a win, engine room purred today…..Champions League (LFC)? You’re having a laugh.”

Pantilimon 7 calming

Rivs 6 composed

JoS 7 Rock

Wes 7 Back

Santi 6 loved

Seb 7 midfield-general

Liam B 7 strong

Jordi 7 impressive

Johnno 5 Meh

CW 6 studious

Jozy 5 flagging


Ricky 7 classy

Catts 6 cattslike

Willo 6 nobad

Fans 10 boisterous

Rob: sometimes a man of few words
Rob: sometimes a man of few words

9 thoughts on “Hutch’s Patch: 10 out of 10 for SAFC fans at Liverpool”

  1. IFOS. Absolutely correct about Seb. They made substitutions which helped their cause and that coincided with us losing SL’s backtracking which had hitherto prevented their midfield running all over us.

    He’d put in a hell of a shift but I was surprised at him being subbed.

    • I think the goals will come. Now that Wickham has pledged his future to the team, I expect Fletcher to go North of the Border, Altidore somewhere he will play regular (I’d actually like to see him stay). And Wickham to be the main guy in the future. He could reach a decent level of goals if he is played as centre forward. We’ve had far worse options. I have faith in Connor, as I had faith in Lee Cattermole.

  2. I agree with Hutch about Seb. It was noticeable that liverpool’s flurry of midfield control came after he went off. His closing down of the opposition’s deep midfielder/defence means we often win the ball higher up the field and are under less pressure. I’m assuming he was taken off after playing every minute of Chelsea and City. Overall another encouraging team performance, and it looks like I’m going to be eating humble pie regarding Bridcutt, another very good game from him.

  3. Sunderland support amazing! We played well and arguably should have won. Up front still a problem with goals though.

  4. Bridcutt just ahead of Seb for me Brown and J O’SHEA great today. Tony the Frenchman continues to impress- never chased anything, just nicked it off their toes

  5. Wessie B shoulda scored just before HT. I would love Santi V to score though, or Willie B, or Johnny O, or Ally J, or ANYBODY!

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