Let no Liverpool fan say they were robbed and keep a straight face

Jake: 'phew! ..But the Lads did well'
Jake: ‘phew! ..But the Lads did well’

Salut! Sunderland awaits two things: a photograph of Pete Sixsmith in his Father Christmas outfit – has any human being ever been more suited to the role? – and a stand-in Soapbox report, which our old friend Bob Chapman may well supply, of the match at Anfield.

For now, feel free to have a look at how Monsieur Salut saw the game, via a combination of decent stream and the usual excellence of Nick Barnes and Gary Bennett on Radio Newcastle, via the safc.com SAFCsee link.

My account at ESPN appears at http://www.espnfc.com/club/sunderland/366/blog/post/2183881/black-cats-well-worth-anfield-draw and this is an extract:

Sunderland have room for quiet satisfaction; let no Liverpudlian tell you Brendan Rodgers’ Reds were robbed. Gus Poyet’s side gave an excellent account of themselves, defending solidly, passing fluently and getting as close to grabbing a winner as the home side.

It might not have been possible to say as much had Steven Gerrard been allowed longer than the last 25 minutes or so on the pitch. His arrival as a substitute brought much greater urgency to Liverpool’s game as he drove his colleagues forward and also mopped up when necessary at the back.

Make your views known at ESPN or here.

And I agreed wiht most of Rob Hutchison’s one-word ratings – https://safc.blog/2014/12/hutchs-patch-10-out-of-10-for-safc-fans-at-liverpool/ with the exceptions that I felt Jozy and Johnson deserved better than fives and that the fabulous away support can feel short-changed with only 10 out of 10.

M Salut, drawn by Matt, colouring by Jake
M Salut, drawn by Matt, colouring by Jake



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Jake flags the new feature allowing you to have your say on topic or off
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4 thoughts on “Let no Liverpool fan say they were robbed and keep a straight face”

  1. Fitzy, I suspect Gus will see BR off. Everyone would suffer from losing Suarez and Sturridge and for 70 minutes Gerrard. Just surprised that only Sterling offered much to scare us. The rest were pedestrian….mid-table fare I’m afraid. We’re used to dining at the mid-table and some Safc fans may be working their tickets a tad.

    I hope BR is given time to gt things rolling. He’s not Bob Paisley…..but then again who is? 5 weeks ago the Mags were screaming for Pardew’s head….suddenly all is quiet up the road.

    Give young managers a chance to gt established. The merry-go-round doesn’t work…..we know….it’s how we ended up with DiCanio

  2. Er, get real lads, no LFC fan is saying we were robbed. What we are saying is ‘if we can’t beat this lot, we are truly shite’, and we are! Question is, will we sack BR before you lot sack Gus????

  3. Liverpool have no legitimate claim on the 3 points and Sunderland were the better team for long periods. Henderson was disappointing and Skertl would be unable to force his way into the current Sunderland side. Gus has said it Liverpool miss Suarez and he alone got them 2nd place last year. Last season Sunderland beating Chelsea and taking 4 points off City offered Liverpool the Premiership on a plate, all they had to do was beat Palace “chokers?” They are just not good enough this year and Rodgers is being found out.

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