Keir’s Aston Villa player ratings. Not impressed

Keir-300x175Nic Wiseman writes: Young Keir Bradwell has obviously been feasting on bah humbugs as he penned these ratings and most players seem to enrage him on Sunday’s performance. Do you agree with him, please let us know:
Aston Villa 0 – 0 Sunderland: Player Ratings

Pantilimon – 7
A quiet, assured game from our number one; never letting anything past him. Never really needed to do anything out of the ordinary to prevent a goal.

Vergini – 6
A standard Vergini performance: a bit lacklustre in attack, skillful at times with some good passing.

Jake says you are now entering a goal free zone
Jake says you are now entering a goal free zone

O’Shea – 7
Cleared the ball a few times where the rest of the defence failed to. Like Vergini, a standard, solid performance.

Brown – 6
Not quite as vital to the clean sheet as O’Shea, as he relied on the skipper, more than once, to get the ball out of danger. Nevertheless, a pretty composed, sturdy game.

Jones – 4
Looked absolutely horrible when backtracking, it’s becoming increasingly evident that he needs to play at right-back and nowhere else. Let Aston Villa dominate that left hand side.

Larsson – 6
Not bad. Not great either, but not bad. The overwhelming feeling from all the players this week is that it was a distinctly average performance. Had to go off through injury – hopefully he’s not out for too long.

Bridcutt – 5
Injured very early in the game. Was looking okay up until that point. Still believe that he’s a good player, but it’s always going to be difficult for him to get a run of matches with Cattermole ahead in the pecking order.

Gomez – 3
Absolutely shocking, across the board. Earns three marks for hitting the post. I’m done with Gomez, frankly.

Wickham – 6
Huffed and puffed, but couldn’t blow the house down. Should definitely start in the middle next week.

Fletcher – 4
Invisible, and ineffective. Time to be dropped. (after games against Newcastle and Hull, a bit harsh—Ed)

Johnson – 5
Couldn’t continue his run of form over into this match, although at least tried to contribute, which is more than can be said for some others *cough* Gomez *cough*.

Cattermole – 5
See Larsson, minus the injury.

Giaccherini – 7
My new second favourite player (after Altidore) was a bit of a revelation after coming on in the second half. Had the drive to get forwards **quickly** unlike anyone else. Should start at City, without a doubt.

Buckley – 4

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