SAFC vs Hull City Guess the Score: essential to keep it up, Lads

Jake: 'happy Christmas, Lads. Box 'em senseless on Boxing Day'
Jake: ‘happy Christmas, Lads. Box ’em senseless on Boxing Day’

Here, then, with the Christmas greetings of all at Salut! Sunderland
to all who read it, is the latest Guess the Score competition.

After the excitement of Sunday, it’s back to basics with a mug from Personalised Football Gifts as the prize.

Be the first, before kickoff, to post the correct score and, subject to M Salut’s final decision, you are the winner.

You could be the next No 12
You could be the next No 12

Phil Davison, from his Mexican exile, won the framed dressing room photo for getting 1-0 to us for the Tyne-Wear derby (but no need for the sponsors to worry about ferocious postage – he’ll come up with a UK address). See if you can become the owner of a mug with the same image, but on a mug. Your name is entered as the No 12 and you can try your luck whoever you support as the design will be modified according to allegiance.

Hull beat us three times last season. Time for revenge. Ha’way the Lads.

M Salut, drawn by Matt, colouring by Jake
M Salut, drawn by Matt, colouring by Jake

25 thoughts on “SAFC vs Hull City Guess the Score: essential to keep it up, Lads”

  1. It’s going to have to be a win for us. Wickham is missing so the forward line will be reshuffled making us a little less predictable. This might be a surprise. Hull have been our bogey team for too long and the bogey will be laid to rest in some style.

    4-1 to us (Fletcher will get 2, Alvarez and Larssonic).

    If Jozy scores, John they will have to reopen Doggarts so that I can show my rear end in the window.

  2. i think Coates will settle, the defence will stay strong and Connor, Flech and Gomez will make amends for their unconverted chances 3-0 to the Black Cats

  3. Jozy to open the scoring. Fletch before half-time. Larssen or Jonno the Magpie slayer near the end.

    But Buckley or Gormlez switches off at some point, so 3-1.

    Plus a sending off.

    Ho ho ho!


    Not eligible for the mug, this score’s available

  4. Ineligible to win so will reach for the stars. 6-0. Whiie fearing an after-the-Lord-Mayor’s-ball defeat.

    Come back later today for another burst of wit and wisdom from the Hull City fan and author Gary Clark, a welcome return guest in Who are You?

  5. First time entrant (last week) so, here goes.
    We will be confident and Hull have been poor recently. I think, more like hope, we will score more than one goal.
    The Black Cats 2 “Hull Tigers” 0

  6. We usually put in a poor “leggy” performance after a derby victory. I pray that all the goodwill from the fans and confidence from beating the mags will produce another positive result.

    I expect Hull to defend and come for a draw to stem their recent shocking run, so, given our poor chance conversion rate, it’s probably going to be goalless.

    However; I can’t go for that, so an early goal for us will see Hull fall apart and the Lads will romp to a 5-0 win.

    Happy Xmas!

  7. I’m a Hull City fan that thinks this website is the best. You’re team is absolute rubbish against us, we are your bogey team and you should be full of dread playing us on Boxing day. So in case I don’t get a chance of saying it later … Congrats on winning 4-0 you deserved it. Bah humbug !

    • Welcome Arthur. I take it you are going for a 4-0 home win. What will Bruce’s excuse be when he gets the sack in the New Year I wonder. Maybe that he’s not a Yorkshireman?

      Unfortunately SAFC seem to freeze when expected to romp home to victory at the Stadium of Light. Here’s hoping they can break the habit.

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