Hutch’s Patch: one-word ratings on Sunderland’s heroes at Newcastle

Rob: sometimes a man of few words
Rob: sometimes a man of few words

Many of us know the sensation of being at St James’ Park when we win. Sixer has been at all five victories since 1999 and we can safely assume Rob Hutchison has experienced it, too. Yesterday, however, he was at the Old Red Lion Pub @ORLpub in London and says it “exploded when Johnno put that critter in, 150 London Branch (SAFCSA) members went absolutely bonkers’. Here, ahead of Keir Bradwell’s ratings, are his man-by-man marks and a single word apiece . . . .

Pants – 9 Exceptional

JoS – 8 – Superb

Coates – 8 Robust

Brown – 8 Dominant

Vergini – 7 Calm

Catts – 8 Solid

Larsson – 10 Boss

Gomez – 8 Assured

Johnson – 9

Wickham – 7 Troublesome

Fletcher – 9 Majestic


Bridcutt – 7 Assured

Buckley – 7 Supporting

Rodwell – 7 Brief


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10 thoughts on “Hutch’s Patch: one-word ratings on Sunderland’s heroes at Newcastle”

  1. Wickham has been getting a bit of stick recently Malcolm, and it’s largely undeserved in my opinion. I suppose strikers will always be criticised when they aren’t hitting the net regularly but CW has really been putting in some good performances for me. The goals will come, in time.

    • CW’s contribution has improved 500% since before he was shipped off to Leeds. I’m hopeful he’ll continue to improve.

      I’d like to see how a combination of one from him and Norman Stanley, linked with one from Alvarez and Giaccherini playing just off the centre forward would fair.

  2. We will not be the only club looking for a striker come January. Anyone available will be in demand and overpriced. Borini might still be the best bet as he knows the system and has done a job for us already, but I won’t hold my breath. His reluctance to come in the summer shows we are not his preferred option.

    Wickham’s game is improving and hopefully he is working in training on his finishing. My hope is that a fit Alvarez will bring us the bit of quality we need.

  3. We need some pace up front,someone who can take a pass off Fletcher,hes not the quickest,but he leads the line well,someone to get in on goal….Borini? maybe,but I would go for a proven scorer,Who! is another matter,but we need one now!!!!!!!!

  4. I would agree more or less completely with Rob’s assessments with the notable exception of Gomez who went completely missing for me after his horrendous miss. There’s really no excuse for completely missing the target when set up like that. His lack of pace for someone playing at this level is astounding.

    Delighted to see Pants getting credit he deserves. He was outstanding again yesterday and there is no doubt that he is a far better goalkeeper than Mannone (and I’ve never been a fan of Mannone). If Pants had been playing from the start of the season we would have more points on the board than we do now, so pleased to see that Gus keeps on picking him.

    GP is getting the best out of the players at his disposal and he deserves a lot of credit for that. There is the basis of a decent team here who could do a whole lot better if we didn’t have such a misfiring forward line. We keep hearing about the need for a striker. We need two. Not one. Put that right in the window and we could be soaring up the table.

  5. Against Hull, Sunderland will be the attacking team and Hull countering. They will indeed have to be clinical and Wickham really needs to score more. He missed an absolute sitter yesterday and, considering his bagful at the end of last season, his return is not good enough.

    • Well he won’t be playing against Hull after his yellow card.
      I have a feeling that Alvarez playing off Fletcher could be a dynamic attacking force.

      If you watch the build up to the goal you will see Fletch busting a gut to get forward, overtaking, then leaving Gomez trailing in his wake. Surely Gomez isn’t that ponderous.

      Despite the final pass I’m not convinced by Buckley either so I hope Giacherrini is fit. If Jones plays will it be at left back or will O’Shea stay out there with Vergini reverting to centre back? Can’t see Brown starting all our games over the Xmas and New Year.

  6. Amidst all the euphoria and despite the quality of the goal, the glaring misses of Johnson, Gomez, Larsson and Wickham (twice) must be a cause for concern for Gus and his backroom staff. The Gomez effort in particular was as bad as Jozy’s last weekend.

    We are not going to get bucket loads of chances every game so must be more clinical when goal scoring opportunities come along.

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