Keir’s Sunderland Player Ratings: he wants Larsson made captain

Jake: 'that's hard to take'
Jake: ‘that’s hard to take’

We are running a little to stand still here. But in an effort to catch up, here is a quick posting of Keir Bradwell‘s man-by-man SAFC ratings. Rob Hutchison‘s one-worders, and his more measured account of the game, will follow when we can get to them. Who would have been the Spurs man of the match: Danny Rose maybe. Monsieur Salut would have given the BBC Radio Newcastle commentator Nick Barnes eight out of 10 just for nearly referring to a Sunderland striker called Daniel Defoe – author of both Robinson Crusoe and The Fortunes and Misfortunes of the Famous Moll Flanders

Tottenham 2 – 1 Sunderland:
Player Ratings
Better. As are these ratings, which are on time for probably the first time ever. I’m proud of me (sorry we couldn’t be quicker in getting them up! – Ed. The quality of the ratings themselves, however, is still very much up for debate.

Pantilimon – 8
Made quite a few fantastic saves, and went up for a corner (thoroughly unsuccessfully). Solid all-round.

Jones – 7

Terry Butcher had a decent game down our right side, keeping Tottenham out as best he could throughout. Looks a million times better on his natural side.

O’Shea – 6
Had an unfortunate nightmare for their opener, but otherwise impressed.

Brown – 5
Seemed less assured than O’Shea (as usual) and relied on van Aanholt numerous times to clear.

Vergini – 6

Decent. There’s little to say about him today, but the fact he didn’t stand out is far from a bad thing.

van Aanholt – 8

Brilliant. Our best defensive player on the day and willing to contribute in attack too.

Larsson – 8

Scored an absolute wonder goal. Make him captain.

Rodwell – 6

Overshadowed by Larsson in midfield but hugely more influential than Gomez. Consistently good passing throughout.

Johnson – 7
Was unlucky not to score with a worldy shot that bounced into the path of Graham’s incapable boots. Quality.

Fletcher – 3
Needs to hit the doughnuts again, it worked last time. Missed a sitter, which should come at no surprise on the basis that nobody has ever scored one. Worse at passing than Gomez.

Defoe – 6
Offside literally (ask your English teacher about this word! – Ed) all of the time, but aided the team shape hugely. Quick, too. Not up to speed yet. The stats say he’s got a worse goal-per-game rate for us than Jozy. Just saying. 🙂

Wickham – 6
Much better than Fletcher when he came on, should start alongside Defoe next week.

Graham – 2.5

This is getting ridiculous.

Buckley – 5
Not on for long enough to make an impact.

Jake: 'Keir has made a real effort this term to get his work in on time'
Jake: ‘Keir has made a real effort this term to get his work in on time’

15 thoughts on “Keir’s Sunderland Player Ratings: he wants Larsson made captain”

  1. Graham has been at the club for two years. Goal tally = 0.

    That’s the same as mine in that time, but I haven’t had a chance. I’m only 54, Gus. Can i have a go now?

  2. Probably shouldn’t let 13 year olds do player ratings. Graham 2.5? He got into more goalscoring positions than anybody.

  3. Graham did ok , got a couple of shots on target , the second one was a good attempt . He gets in decent positions and I wonder if he could be employed as Defoes target man in a traditional 4-4-2 . Of course Poyet has ruled out that formation and would rather play that nonsense that we witnessed yesterday . Try’s to be too clever for he’s own good sometimes does our head coach .

    • I thought it was great to see some innovative tactics yesterday, in what looked like a 3-4-1-2 (correct me if I’m wrong). We’d be hugely overrun in midfield with a 4-4-2. Definitely think our new formation is the way to go. Personally want to see Wickham play alongside Defoe next week, think that might be our best partnership up front.

      • We’re just hugely overrun in defence playing three central defenders . It’s unnatural to the players and they don’t know what to do . We tried it three times last season and never got a point , it doesn’t work for us , we’re not good enough .

      • It is a very difficult system to operate even when you have players with the ability to do so. The centre backs we have lack both the technical skill, and the pace, to play that way.

  4. At least Graham is getting into scoring positions AND working their goalkeeper. He has never had a miss as bad as the tap in missed by Fletcher.

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