Pure Poyetry: Sunderland 0 Fulham 0 but it’s not my fault

Jake captures the Bard, with thanks to Owen Lennox
Jake captures the Bard, with thanks to Owen Lennox

John McCormick  writes: Jermain  Defoe has a goal scoring pedigree so hopes were high that he’d mark his home debut with a goal against a middle-of-the-road Championship side. He didn’t. Nor did anyone else except Jon Stead, Kenwyne Jones and Darren Bent, who had all made their mark by half time.

Oh, sorry, I forgot, they don’t play for us any more. And nor does Fletcher, by the sound of  it. How does our manager explain this? Well, in his postcard to M Salut he says it’s not his fault. Rather, it’s all down to a man in the middle.

Dear Colin

The idea was to press high and really have a go but I think we were a little too static and a little too safe. It wasn’t one of the nicest games to watch.

I thought we started better in the second half, there was more about us and we looked more determined but then the sending off interrupted what we were trying to achieve.

Jermain [Defoe] was unlucky not to score; we know what he can do and we need to do a few things better to work with him. It was important for him to get 90 minutes under his belt and he’s done that today.

Jake: so glad he couldn't find an internet stream anywhere.
Jake: so glad he couldn’t find an internet stream anywhere.

It was a tight game and Fulham seem to have a system of play where they play better away from home. I expect a different game when we go there for the replay.

We need the players to be ready, we’ve a lot of games coming up and now we have a player who is suspended so someone will have to jump in.

I would like to say that Adam Johnson will be back [for the Burnley game]; we’ll have to wait on Wes [Brown] and see what happens over the next few days.

Thanks for your support,

Gus Poyet

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14 thoughts on “Pure Poyetry: Sunderland 0 Fulham 0 but it’s not my fault”

  1. No. Nor Burnley, or QPR either for that matter. When we are struggling against the strugglers there’s a message to heed.

  2. Agreed. Doubtfire has a couple of good years and then implodes completely. It seems to happen everywhere he’s been. Hull is continuing the trend nicely.

  3. William. The ravings are reminiscent of both Bruce and increasingly like PDC. Like you say it’s a stream of consciousness.

    • Jeremy

      Yes. And it’s interesting to note that SB seems to be replicating his seasonal nose-dive at Hull. Tellingly, we don’t hear quite so much ” Brucie ” eulogising in the media these days.

  4. I sometimes wonder where Poyet mines his nuggets of football genius? Freud called it Stream of consciousness.

    I would love to know what experienced players like O’Shea, Brown and Larsson really think about his so-called footballing philosophy?

    Mr Short needs to act quickly.

  5. Gus’ comments about Fulham away sum him up at the minute; Look at their away record Gus and see how many they’ve conceded. And this wasn’t even them at full strength.

    It’s a hallmark of your reign, stugggling against poor opposition at home, whether it’s Hull or Norwich or Leeds or even Kidderminster. Or Fulham. It will be a bit of a surprise if we beat Burnley who will come here with no pressure and go on the attack. Playing 4-4-2. Imagine that.

    Imagine Sean Dyche with Poyet’s mindset and attitude to this season. They’d probably have about 4 points. Last chance Gus. Though I fear whatever happens next week we’ll be again be uncomfortably close to relegation. Maybe a change will again lift us enough to see us safe.

  6. Reading the post match e-mail, to me Gus’s anger seems to be directed at Rodwell not the referee. Fortunately (by the sounds of it) I couldn’t be there yesterday but other results mean that this competition has really opened up. Win the replay and Wembley is not too far off.

    I’m as frustrated as everyone else but what I’m finding hard to understand is how inconsistent some of the players are, Larsson and Catts apart.

    Take Rodwell. I thought he looked good against Hull and it was after he went off injured that we lost our shape. Then at other times he has been totally ineffective.

    Alvarez has looked quality one game then been poor the next. Gomez the same. Neither Fletcher nor Wickham is getting on the score sheet and although Defoe’s record suggests he should get a hatful for us I’m not sure he will.

    What worries me most is the inability to dominate (or even just marginally outplay) weaker sides. With Burnley coming up next I’m expecting more frustration rather than a home win. It should be a guaranteed three points but from what I’ve seen of them on TV they are much more goal minded than we are and more likely to get the win. Time to prove me wrong boys.

  7. Time’s up. Off you go and take your Championship dross with you.

    Tired of his ramblings and looking to blame everyone but himself. Other managers have annoyed and disappointed us but this one is just such a bore.

  8. They should be forced to watch Man City – Middlesborough a few trimes and study what the Boro are doing. How hard they try, and work, and try to do the same.

  9. Times up Gus, Poyet out . There’s better than you out there , law of averages we find one this time . Just go .

  10. Absolutely woeful and if that is Poyet’s idea of pushing up why was Defoe hunting back in his own half to get the ball?

    Poyet’s idea of five in midfield was more like my waistline slipping back towards my ankles because there was very little help for the supposed strikers up front.

    Time to pull your finger out Gus because lightning is unlikely to strike twice and even if this was a cup match it is no better in the League. Some of us would like the team to do better than make us worry about a heart attack finish to stay up again.

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